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❀Healing the Warrior within ❀

steampunk cat 2I have not logged on here for a while and maybe it’s because I really did not feel the need to say much. I was online browsing a Tantra group on face book earlier this afternoon and there were several different tantra practitioners all debating about the true meaning of tantra. Besides involving the sexual aspects of Tantra yoga and Tantra massage we must closely examine our intentions as healers and students of tantra.

I can tell you honestly more than half the men who come to see me are simply “touch starved”. I work with men who are in loveless, sexless marriages where there is no loving touch or cuddling exchanged. I work with men who are single and have no time to be settled into a meaningful relationship because their focus in life in their work and career path. I work with men who are retired from the work force and they may have suffered as severe stress related injury and so they either rely on pain medications or find they can not be involved in a normal sexual relationship with anyone either out of shyness, a social phobia or a lack of desire from their injury.

I find that these past few years for me have been a harsh lesson in feast or famine. I either am so busy and in demand that I find myself turning away callers or I can go days without work due to bad timing issues and the fact that I have a life too and I can not always receive a guest just because they happen to have the time to see me for a tantra session.

I have been traveling for two full years now simply getting a taste of every city I have toured and everyone’s purpose for wanting a session is pretty much the same. Everyone needs touch. Everyone craves touch and everyone has a need to be desired and to feel lovable by someone who has time to be attentive.

I think every tantra Guide, healer or Muse is here to be authentic and present for their guest. I myself chose this path because I believe that the human body craves touch and we become more creative, more joyful and more loving when we are touched in “just the right way”.

We as healers present our sessions in such different ways and I decided that the best way to be is simply be your authentic Self no matter where you are in life and you can’t go wrong.

When you are a healer there is no need for arrogance. I have witnessed that what happens to many healers is they are judged inappropriately. When we focus on any kind of energy work whether it is sexual energy or working innocently with someone’s “tummy” aches we are shifting someone’s perspective of “being”. Some people can feel deeply threatened when they do not understand the changes they are undergoing after leaving the healer’s sacred space. Surely if you have been touched inappropriately in the past or if you have been traumatized emotionally you will have to take time out to “process” the healing touch you have received whether the touch is sexual or purely energetic healing touch like reiki.

I witnessed some of my clients crying, feeling anger (misdirected at me) or laughing so jovially I felt genuine happiness oozing out of me.
What ever happens it’s best to be without judgment.

I have been ridiculed, falsely accused of being a “trust fund kid” online and harangued by former clients of mine who were hoping I was a traditional escort service (GFE) when that was never my intention. When I graduated from a well know tantra yoga school I still had a lot left to learn but my true intention was to learn more about the circular breath and to learn how to breathe deeply while I focused on sending female energy to my mostly male clientele. I was not offering my “body” up but rather giving men choices. I wanted to use my body as a living model so that men who are shy or less aware of bodily sensations can practice with me and I could give them feedback as to whether their touch was sensitive enough or a bit too harsh and jarring.
Some past clients of mine came to me with all the wrong intentions and selfishly assumed that the term Goddess Worship meant they could do as they please to me or my body without worrying about whether or not I was feeling “used” or abused during our time together.

Goddess Worship is not a chance for you to learn how to “grope” or molest a woman by the hour. Goddess Worship is learning how to yield to the Divine Feminine or the Divine Mother that is in all women. Women are delicate Vessels of light and unconditional love. We deserve and crave to be honored and loved without conditions meaning we want to be adored no matter what our body shape or age. The true meaning of Goddess honoring is to heal your past relationships with your lovers, your sisters and your mother. Yes we all have deep wounds from our past but Goddess Worship Ceremonies present you with the opportunity to tap into your past feelings and process the pain or the misunderstanding so you can release your fears and your anger and your sense of abandonment and finally be fully present with real love to offer your future partner.

You might have misdirected anger at me during our time together because I might remind you of your past frustrations or be a Mirror to you while you process any pain from your childhood. I can only guide you and clear out those negative patterns if you give me feedback and speak up during our shared time together but I can not help you if you wait till our session is completely over or if you decide to hold your silence and never share your feelings of anger with me.

I can say that all energy workers perform a vital service and like energies attract like energies meaning no matter your level of expertise you will be able to help and heal those who have a similar issue that you have.
If you are a healer and If you experienced abuse as a child you will tend to attract those clients who were also abused by their parents. If you led a carefree life but just wanted to learn more about your sexuality in a safe and loving way you will attract individuals who also seek “play”. When you limit yourself and point the fingers of blame on other healers you are performing and committing an act of self hatred and self loathing.
Healers focus on your own gifts. Focus on what needs to be honed and well refined in your own sacred body . Focus on who you are now and where you want to be and forget about making comparisons between you and other healers if you want serenity.

I want to also include that anyone who comes to me to receive any of my services has the potential to become a tantra Healer or Daka. I am a Dakini by choice. I fell into this career path when I was in my early twenties constantly taking classes on the chakra systems and learning about subtle energies that affect our moods and ability to self heal. I can only assume that any new Guest I meet is trying to heal that child inside that wants a taste of true contentment and bliss

The time is ripe for Travel and yes I am here again in (Boston) ❤♡

Have you grown up, lived, found work, made good friends and REMAINED in the SAME city all your life? Have you never desired to explore another country or had wanderlust? Besides taking a short vacation outside of your city have you ever wondered why you are stuck feeling the same and accomplishing the same goals?
What does security mean to you? Do you place financial stability, workplace stability above romance or exploration? Some people are dedicated to their work. They feel strong passion about being seen in a certain light. They maintain a high profile job and they keep their appearances up but eventually their shine is gone. Eventually they find that after a series of broken plans with their beloveds there isn’t anyone around them anymore that they can truly count on because they did not participate in life like they should have.
It’s hard to find balance. Balance to me never existed. I have grown up mostly in the city of Chicago and its nearby surrounding suburbs but something that was a “constant” in my life was the need for change and travel.
I started traveling by myself at the age of 17. I will never forget it and neither will my ex drama teacher! I was new to the drama club but I was all about fitting in until I realized that I was going to be shunning and treated “differently” by all the other drama club students when we all went on a trip to New York city to enjoy the sights and Broadway shows as part of a fun getaway.
I attended Niles North High School and somehow I just never really “fit in”. While other kids were diving into sports or the chess or swim team my only real goal and desire was to walk or take the bus over to the Oakton Street Public Library and kill my time reading metaphysical studies. I had more fun being by myself and reading up on history or the paranormal than I had interacting with teens in my own age group. I guess because I was an only child I just found it more natural to spend most of my spare time with my mother and her adult friends. They certainly were much more interesting and I valued my mother’s friends guidance and life stories far more than I enjoyed being harassed or ignored by my peers.
During the New York city field trip we went to the United Nations and I ended up meeting a wonderful young woman who may have been five years older than me and she asked me questions about my time in New York. There was not much for me to tell her other than I was brand new to the drama club and sadly the group found it unfair that I was somewhat of an intruder since I decided to accept the teacher’s invitation to travel to New York city. I suppose they kids were angry with me because they felt a trip to New York should be “earned” by hard work and I was a newcomer and had not won any major roles in any of the drama club’s school plays. The lady really sympathized with me when I told her I loved New York but I felt like an outcast and I was being teased and alienated from the group. She and I came up with an idea. She said she had a roommate in Brooklyn who was Persian. She said if I was curious she’d make sure I got my flight on time the next day and if I did not mind her roommate Habibe she would love to share a good time with me on my last full day and night in New York just so I could finally enjoy the city.
She and I had some similarities so I grabbed her by the arm and found my drama teacher from the crowd. I gave him a glowing smile and he seemed genuinely pleased and relieved that I had a friend with me. I told him “Juliette” my cousin from Brazil works at the United Nations and I had no clue that I’d bump into her today. I asked if there was any way I could spend my remaining time with my “cousin”. It worked. I was pretty convincing and to be honest my drama teacher kind of figured I was getting worn down from the harassment of being an outcast in a sea of hostile students that really did not want me there. He gave me an affirmative yes and hugged me.
During that instance I started following my heart more. I learned it’s always better to lead from your heart than your head. I fully trusted this complete stranger and she showed me the sights of New York and Brooklyn and most of all introduced me to New York style pizza. I felt so at home with her and when I met her roommate she had a hard time separating the two of us so Habibe and I spent all night talking and I swore I was “falling in love”. Early in the morning Habibe took me with him to grab some breakfast sandwiches at one of his favorite delis in New York and I swear to you everything was so magical and I was sad to leave him so we hugged each other goodbye and I barely missed the drama group. I returned late and found out the kids in my room had packed my luggage for me. I decided to tell the group the truth a few days later when were all safe and sound in Skokie, Illinois. Of course they were outraged probably not at Me but I think they were genuinely upset not with me but with themselves that they never left the group and never left their pack mentality.

When I get homesick for another city there is a reason why. Deep down inside I think we have a yearning to grow and expand. We have to challenge ourselves as humans. I have never regretted a trip nor have regretted failed relationships or experiences in a strange city. I could trace back in time and correct all those mistakes but I would not be the same person today.
I want to ultimately be free. I want to share and expand and nurture and cuddle. I want to excell at what I do but not compromise my need to explore and grow. I am here now in Boston. Do I regret it? Well a part of me is kind of worried and concerned because this has been the very most difficult city for apartment seeking and there are very high standards here with regard to credit score and what you do for a living.
I guess I could kick myself for not having a firm game plan before I even got here but that would have taken some of the fun and thrill out of learning to adapt to my new environment. I have been diligently seeking an apartment since I got here but also setting up sacred space and walking my beautiful dog everywhere from Cambridge to the North End and Beacon Hill. I try not to be “robotic” but even I sometimes fall into the pattern of “routine”. I still miss Chicago greatly because to me Chicago is very “livable”. Chicago is the most walker friendly city in the country along with New York city so yes since I don’t drive a car I have had to take a few taxis here because sometimes I get lost here and get off at the wrong train stop. I think Chicago has a lot to offer but I also have some very sad memories of people I loved that died too early and some of my more favorite clients moving out of the city for other job opportunities. I think I chose Boston because of the sunlight, the opportunities for growth and the diverse group of Europeans cultures that all share the state of Massachusetts. No matter where I walk I see super achievers. I see students walking at a very clipped pace making noises with their heeled shoes urgently trying to get someplace in time. Everyone here seems to have a “purpose” or inner compass or direction. I love the ambition I see. I love the determination and the free style flow that everyone seems to bring to this city. I just wonder to myself are they completely satisfied. Do they hold a key to happiness in their seeming self knowledge or are they burying their emotions and sticking to a “game plan”.
I am here in Boston (for now). I decided that I will be open to the feedback and opinions of others. I will use my voice to the best of my ability so people understand me without being combative. I am open to seeing their city from “their eyes” and maybe I might learn something new or maybe I will uncover pieces of me and reexamine what things I can’t live without and whether or not I can establish a stable tantra yoga practice here and still respect myself and instill trust and not fear.
My best advice to anyone is travel. Go away the work will still be there; your true friends and clients will still be avidly awaiting your return. Go travel, conquer and grow!valentino on a blue chair

Heart Chakra ceremonies and Heart Cocoa times in Boston, MA

Heart Chakra ceremonies and Heart Cocoa times in Boston, MA

Well it’s time for me to take a tour of Boston, Ma because I am long long overdue for a Tantra regrouping not just for myself but to get a bit of love and positive energy going and nurture my soul.
I just returned to the city of Chicago in late November and I established my tantra yoga practice in the West Loop making myself available for workshop opportunities, private reiki healings, one on one tantra yoga and aromatherapy healings. I chose to stay grounded here for the sake of my dog and I wanted her to feel safe here and not kennel her away.

Now I am ready for a bit of play time and I am preparing myself to set up sacred journeys, sacred sensual healing touch and couples massage training in Boston and Cambridge Massachusetts. I love being by the Ocean and I love working with all the wonderful and exciting people that travel through Boston on their daily ritual to go to work. It’s good to have passion in life and it’s good to meet new people so I try and travel to a brand new city each month but this time I have been landlocked in the city of Chicago determined to meet with my old students from the past and develop new relationships with visitors to the city of Chicago.
I do not work with everyone who contacts me but I make myself available to a handful of wonderful new students and repeat guests who really treasure the opportunity to learn tantra yoga and or be touched by a Goddess of tantra yoga.
I feel it’s very important for you to feel safe and comfortable with me and if I feel that you are too nervous to meet with me I gracefully decide that the time is not meant for you to try tantra with me but the time might be perfect for you to reassess and decide what you truly want from life and whether or not you can handle the energies of a true tantra kundalini awakening.
Tantra yoga should be peaceful not jarring to your energies. You can’t rush progess you just simply breathe deeply during a tantra session with the intentions of receiving free, vital energies or Chi life force from the Universe. It’s best to trust your tantra goddess completely. If you are nervous you block the natural interaction and flow and you are not allowing your body to receive the touch.
When you are calm and centered and nurtured energies just flow better during your tantra ceremony and your chakras naturally realign by themselves just like a natural spinal adjustment.
When you have had a good tantra ceremony you can see colors more vibrantly and your outlook on life is more positive and flowering for you.
During all of my longer tantra ceremonies which last between two hours to a full day there is going to be a lot of positive flow between both of us because a strong sense of bonding and trust will be developing.

Here is an example of what a full day with me might be like. I tend to love spontaneity more so than a planned out day that does not allow for creativity. We might start our day together inside and breathe together just stare into our eyes and connect without saying a word. Sometimes it’s best not to say anything and sometimes complete stillness and quietness will allow for complete healing to take place in your body.
We then might take a food break and explore outside of our sacred space because sometimes you just need to get some fresh air and a fresh perspective just to give yourself a chance to regroup and relax.
Breathing, tantra massage and connection exercises expend quite a bit of focus so it’s good to just unwind over a small salad or nibble on a bit of fruit.
I am going to be makings myself available to newbies, experienced tantra enthusiasts, same sex couples, traditional marriage partners and of course anyone coming by themselves for the first time with an open outlook and an open heart ready to receive this unique Tantra Kundalini activation ceremony.
so please have an open mind and an open heart
if you wish try my newest and latest ceremony the Heart chakra ceremony where the focus is opening the sacred space of your heart with intention, breath, reiki and loving care. Let me be your Tantra muse either in Chicago or Boston. I will travel anywhere with sponsorship.
My visiting dates for Boston will be this coming Sunday June 8 until June 15th so please try to empty your calendar and meet me in Boston next week!
Goddess Diana of Tantra Butterfly