The following information is being shared here on my personal blog to warn other tantra Goddesses in my field against working with Rakshith Asokan of Louisville, Kentucky (originally from India).

On December 15, 2020 Rakshith Asokan who works at Pleatco Filtration in Louisville, Kentucky asked for my two hour bath ceremony. I didn’t realize how wealthy he is and out of my kindness immediately offered him a two hour session for only $400 when these services are normally priced at $500 because I must purchase the space space first.

On December 15th I sent him an invoice to be paid immediately through my trusted credit card merchant and he agreed to pay it in full. I used all $120 of his advanced deposit to secure the space in Schaumburg and yesterday morning Rakshith Asokan lied to his bank and stated he didn’t recognize the charge. My credit card merchant asked me to provide screenshots of the transaction which Includes his full legal name Rakshith Asokan and his phone number 502-208-2483.

During his session he stated he had never been more relaxed and he paid the remaining balance of just 280 to me without tipping me and hurriedly left after 2 hours stating that he needed to hurry to his meetings then drive back Louisville, Kentucky.

Please do not take Rakshith Asokan on as a client because yesterday he lied to his bank and it’s currently under investigation. I won’t be qualified for another loan due to his charge back and my business has been negatively affected due to the pandemic and our current cold snap here in Chicago, Illinois.

Rakshith Asokan who also calls himself “Dan” will using the email address of and if you make the mistake of accepting payments from him as he uses his credit card he will charge back the transaction and claim it’s an unrecognized charge. Please do not let this happen to you!

Rakshith Asokan is a very dishonest non spiritual based individual and he currently holds the title of Director of Engineering P & S Division at Pleatco Filtration.

You can find Rakshith Asokan of Louisville, Kentucky on his public LinkedIn profile and his public Facebook page. He’s married and it’s obvious to me his wife most likely noticed the transaction on his credit card transaction and decided to charge back the money I had used to purchase the space on December 16, 2020.

During our time together Rakshith Asokan decided against participating with chanting and he just decided to use my services to decompress and relax. At the end of our tantra ceremony he stated he very much enjoyed our time together and would refer his clients and colleagues to visit me. Instead of honoring his promises he decided to reverse the charges on his credit card and stole $120 from my bank account.

I am currently seeking new housing opportunities and struggling because of covid and Rakshith Asokan took money 💰 back that I needed to pay my storage fees yesterday.

You see all my furniture is in storage. One set of storage fees gets paid to my storage facility in New Orleans, Louisiana and the other set is paid to Boston, Massachusetts so I’m paying $400 each month and supporting just myself and my elderly dog.

Rakshith Asokan decided he would deny the charges on his credit card either because his wife found out and pressured him or because he genuinely does not respect women.

His other phone number is 347 366 1805 and most certainly he will profusely deny that he used your services and issue a charge back using the email account of

Please do not accept Rakshith Asokan from Louisville, Kentucky. He is a client who is guilty of theft of services and will steal your time then deny he scheduled a session or service with you.

Goddess Diana

Please do not cheat tantra Goddesses. We work hard to provide a cleanly, spiritual based and welcoming environment for all to enjoy. When you steal our services you harm yourself and increase negative karma.

Rakshith Asokan I hope you do not continue to cheat other women in the tantra field.