Dear Audience and fans of all things tantric and Yoga like.

I have been fighting an ongoing battle and not receiving results or any response whatsoever

with therefore I am reporting their website for fraud and for allowing a woman

or rather a PROVIDER who simply goes by the name BUTTERFLY for impersonating me and

purposefully and knowingly using my website as part of her email address at

I don’t know her legal name but if anyone wishes to do a private investigation on her account that

would be most helpful to me and my cause.  I copyrighted my site in 2005 and I painstakingly took over 3,000 hours of classes in traditional massage therapy  and alternative bodywork

so I could share my knowledge of Reiki and Tantric yoga with anyone that might be interested in sharing energy with me. Unfortunately I was contacted this summer by someone who “claimed” they had met me and needed a reference on so he could become a paid member.  I found out that he hired this woman who advertises on and calls herself Butterfly. 

She hides her face (for very obvious reasons) and now she hides her contact number that begins with area

code 310 for obvious reasons because she is  a fraud.  If you contact this woman whose address is you are supporting a woman who is not only deceiving the public but she steals

pictures from off my site and continues to use my website as a form of bait and switch.  If you know this woman personally tell her to cease and desist.  And if you are the owner of the email account consider this a warning and that I will take very measure I can to make you legally stop from perpetrating fraud online and using my pictures without my consent and without my permission

love bullet points. They are so captivating and to the… point. • So set up your delicious session already! Deliciously,. Butterfly Email:

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This is where you can find her threads on all you need to do is google her email account which is
She is an escort please do not confuse the two of us ever.
Thank you for your time and thank you for reading my blog today
Namaste Goddess Diana