I have contacted this woman two years ago when I first noticed her email account.  I confronted her

left her two messages both at her gmail account which is Tantra.butterfly@gmail.com and on her listed phone number which is (310)310-4666.

Now what she offers and what I offer are oranges and apples but what she is is a common thief because she

has been caught using my pictures from my photo galleries and using my web address in the body of her email account that she set up with gmail shortly after my website address was well known.

I established http://www.tantrabutterfly.com in 2005 and shortly thereafter found my url address hooked up with escort centers in Shanghai and cheap imitation bracelets from a store online located in Florida.  Now this.

Now I have to google up her email account tantra.butterfly@gmail.com and find her links on Citysource.com.

I have contacted Citysource.com at least six times within the past few months and have not received one single

email back.  Initially this odd ball woman who uses the name BUTTERFLY told me this was all a complete accident and she decided to stop advertising on thatmall.com because she knew that I was going to hold her fully responsible for fraudulent business practices.

All you have to do is google up her account that she set up tantra.butterfly@gmail.com and you will now find her review on TER:

Review Of Butterfly from Los Angeles | Phone: (310) 310-4666 Email: tantra.butterfly@gmail.com | TER ID: 137854. Website: http://www.thatmall.com/butterfly/,,,,,

Now why is this so harmful?  Well if someone out there is trying to get a hold of me they might make an innocent mistake and not check her references.  They will simply assume they are seeing me and not realize I am the owner of the site http://www.tantrabutterfly.com and simply assume she or I have a California number.

I have been contacted three years ago from someone who actually does live in California and he called me

Butterfly rather than Diana. I always use my real name and my real face is never blurred on any forum yet this imposter who scams people into thinking they are scheduling time with me is allowed to run this scam on Citysource.com and she blurs her face so that you don’t know who you are going to be seeing.

She has used my pictures from off my website and she has conned people into thinking we are the same person so I think it is my duty to protect myself online even though I have already been slandered and even though my site name has been used in numerous forums without my consent or permission.

Since the fake Butterfly continues to use my site in the body of her email account I shall continue to alert the public that they need to be watchful and aware of online fraud and scams.

Don’t always believe what you read on message boards blindly.  If someone claims to be someone else meet with them first and if they look nothing like the pictures on the site and if they are using other sites and embedding other people’s sites into the body of their email accounts be kind enough to report their accounts and or alert the person that they are stealing contents from. 

I advise everyone out there to defend their rights and be careful of online fraud!

Yours Truly

The one and only Tantra butterfly


Yes my real name is Diana not Butterfly 😉

Please call me on my real number I shall be delighted to assist you in your tantric Practice

or on your general road to bliss and healing


Please do not interact with this other person expecting it to be me You shall be sadly


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