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Don’t forget to Breathe!

It’s so easy for us to forget to breathe; and yet our central nervous system relies on proper oxygenation to keep us vibrant and in our best most optimal physical & mental health.

As we breathe deeply we send life affirming messages to ourselves that we are here for a purpose, we are worthy and we are deserving of love.

We don’t always receive love from others but we can give it to ourselves through the act of deep breathing.

As you fill your diaphragm with a focused breath, you send a positive affirmation that you are sacred, worthy and loved.  Keep remembering to do this daily and nightly as a means of maintaining a healthy central nervous and relaxing your muscles.

Shallow breathing leads to panic attacks and a slower more sluggish metabolism.

Can’t remember to breathe? Book me for a #reiki treatment or schedule a 90 minute #chicagotantra ceremony and breathwork coaching, chakra balancing and energywork is included within your #kundalini activation.

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sound healing and deep breathing exercises by Tantra Butterfly 🦋 in Chicago’s River North

Tantra Etiquette before contacting your Muse Goddess Diana

amy-winehouse-black-and-whiteHello everyone! I am here to share a new page I have uploaded to my main website which is I am human just like you! I have good days and foul days. I speak to many people on a daily basis and most people don’t have a clue what I am offering because they think I am a “madam” with “girls” working for me or they looked at my photo galleries and they are assuming I am offering much more than tantra massage. I am assuming most of these people are finding my main google page but they never bothered to read my main website at all.

I even speak to a great deal of Indiam men from India who seem super excited that I am offering traditional tantra yoga massage but then after I spend a good thirty minutes speaking to them on the phone they bombard me with extra GFE requests asking me for the same price will I spend the night?! So tell me how would you feel after speaking to a majority of men or women who have not read your site and after explaining repeatedly what you do and don’t offer and the still expect much more than tantra massage?

For anyone that is deeply confused with what I am offering I am sharing all my information here on etiquette so there is no more confusion again.

Etiquette for the Optimal Tantra Experience

Dear potential new Guest, due to the large numbers of calls I receive, I felt it necessary to include this index page to help you understand how to make a good connection with me initially.

I do know how “awkward” it can be to reach out to a complete stranger you find on the internet. New guests might be fearful or have misconceptions about the nature or definition of Tantra. After reading the contents of my site you may still be confused about what i am offering or you might be genuinely shy. You are welcome to engage in a thirty minute question and answer over the phone with me but I will charge you a fee for my time.

My site is extremely informative in fact the testimonials section will give you a very graphic idea of what I can offer you. If however you are still in doubt you are encouraged to arrange a private and in depth phone conversation with me for the fee of $50 for a full thirty minutes. I am happy to answer your questions but I will not spend my time with anyone explaining in a graphic nature what we will be doing on the phone for FREE. My website is very detailed and I am happy to hear from you only if you are prepared to hire me for your first tantra session or only if you are prepared for the simple verification process before I receive you as a new guest.

All new Guests are expected to provide me with a real legal name, age range and occupation. I am not comfortable working with anyone who provides me with an “alias”. All your information will be kept private and I will never share your personal information with anyone but I do need to know who you are before we meet in person. If you have met with me before in the past feel free to remind me of who you are again and if you send me a photograph that will definitely jar my memory. I want this process to be seamless, and your cooperation and willingness to share yourself with me will make me feel more comfortable about seeing you either for the first time or for a repeat session.

I am always polite and I work best with people who respect me as a good friend or confidante. If I feel a lack of concern or brusk tone in your voice, I might not wish to see you, especially if you are awkward and nervous on the phone when you communicate with me. I suggest you be yourself and help me understand what your goals are for our shared time together even if your only goal is relaxation therapy. Introduce yourself to me and If we have a bad connection on the phone where we are both in an area of bad reception please do not be aggravated with me or frustrated if I ask you to repeat yourself twice. I know cell phones are not perfect and I’d love to be able to see you and answer your “brief” concerns over the phone. If you honestly think you have too many questions for me then be honest with yourself and hire me for a thirty minute conversation before you commit to seeing me for the first time.

I would prefer several hours notice if you would like a late evening session with me. I try and keep myself available for scheduling sessions between the hours of 10am till midnight but this does not mean I want to accept your call at 10 pm or later. If you are seeking an evening session please call me between the hours of 10 am till 9pm. Do not assume I am available at YOUR beck and call. You may come across one of my ads online late at night at the very last minute impulsively but I may not be able to receive you on your “whim”. Treat me like a professional and give me a few hours notice if you want a late evening session. I can work with your late schedule but I need to be prepared to receive you for a late night session. If you know you need a session with me early in the morning then please call me the day before so I am ready for you before my normal business hours.

I have the right to refuse any caller who I do not feel a good connection with. If you seem brusk, inebriated, irritated, or otherwise rude I may not wish to see you. I am always willing to work with your schedule as long as you give me adequate notice. If this is your very first time calling me and I do not know you personally I will not answer your text messages or answer your questions by text ever. Text messages are reserved for clients who I already recognize as being part of my contacts list of known guests. I will delete all your text messages to me unless I already know you and unless you introduce yourself to me so I know who you are. Text messages do not take the place of a good email or a good phone conversation. Please only contact me by email at or and call me directly on my cell phone at 312-339-7707 when you are ready to schedule your session with me.

If you are a couple seeking Couples Tantra, contact me by email first and give me as much information about the two of you as you possibly can. Tell me what your goals are and let me know what days and times suit your schedules. I require a small deposit for all new couples who are visiting me — no exceptions. I need at least a full 24 hours notice for all couples Tantra sessions and need both of you to be prepared to commit to a full three hour session or longer. Do not expect me to shorten your first session with me but if you have seen me at least once before we can condense our second session to a full 2 hours.

Gender and Races

I cordially welcome all gender fluid people to my Tantra Services whether you are a same sex couple or you identify as both masculine or feminine or in transition. All races are accepted to receive my services the only requirement I have is that I feel safe so all new guests or old guests may verify who they are using their real legal name and treat me with the kindness and respect that I will give to you whether you call me directly over the phone or decide to email. If I have seen you before I again must remind you I would love it if you would email me your photograph and legal name and occupation so I can remember you as our safety and discretion will always be foremost in my mind. My only requirement is that you are polite and courteous to me on the phone or by email during our initial contact. The only people I refuse to see are individuals I can not even carry out a good conversation with. All polite, educated, caring and thoughtful beings of any race or gender is always welcomed to try one of my Tantra Ceremonies.

I would also like to include boundaries as a subject matter of importance for both you and me. Tantra is about establishing healthy, positive boundaries and being able to communicate your goals and boundaries in a healthy, positive and loving way. I never want you to feel violated in any way during our shared time together. If you have never met me before you are welcome to send me an email with a list of your goals and healthy boundaries. Let me know what you feel safe exploring and please let me know what your limits are. If you were violated, raped or molested please let me know this important information. The very last thing I wish to do is make you feel unsafe or frightened. Tell me what your limitations are and let me know again when you meet me for the first time in person.

I myself have boundaries that I will share with you now. I am not an Escort service but I do consider myself to be a Muse and a companion. I do not feel comfortable being expected to engage in sexual intercourse with any of my clients. I am an educator, a friend, a professional tantra massage therapist and a Reiki master but I do not wish to engage in intercourse during my tantra ceremonies under any circumstance. When you agree to hire me for the first or second or fifth time you are contracting my healing services solely for your pleasure or education but not as your Sacred Prostitute. Do not expect me to bend these rules for you. I also do not feel comfortable working with you if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you are inebriated chances are you won’t remember much about our session and it will be a complete waste of your money. Treat me with respect and make sure to give me adequate notice if you want to see me. If you are too drunk for the session I may decide not to work with you at all until you are sober at a future date and time. Our shared ceremony is sacred and I myself will be prepared to be clear headed and lively enough to give you the attention you deserve so I expect the same etiquette from you.

If you are seeking a half day or full day of Tantra with me please give me a full 24 hours notice so I can prepare a very elegant ceremony you will find memorable. I require a small deposit for half day and full day Tantra ceremonies and if you have a true emergency please give me as much notice as you can and your deposit will be used for a future session. I do understand that sometimes medical or family emergencies can prevent you from seeing me so you are welcome to rebook for a future session without any drama. If however it is your first time seeing me and you cancel an hour before our session you will be expected to pay for a future session in FULL before we establish trust.

Overnight Stays are Possible for night owls like you and me:

I am always available to help you achieve a well thought out Tantra Escape and my fees for an overnight stay are 1600 which covers an exclusive overnight stay package with foods you wish for me to stock up on ahead of time and a very posh setting for our overnight Tantra Ceremony. My rate for this overnight stay is not up for negotiation under any conditions and you will be able to modify the time we begin our session if there is a delay in your schedule. A deposit for an overnight stay is required before our evening together and you are welcome to pay me the remainder once you arrive. My rates reflect the time, energy, and creativity I put forth to make our overnight stay a memorable one so please do not ask me graphic or explicit questions via text, phone or email or I will not be able to accept you as a new Guest.


If you have enjoyed our shared time together please provide me with a paragraph or two in a private email to me at or You can provide me with an alias you wish for me to use and naturally I will keep your legal name a mystery as I will never betray your confidence ever on my public website. I can always use wonderful new reviews and testimonials on my testimonials section and I will only use the name you have provided at the end of your review. If you feel moved I would especially love it if you referred me to your close personal friends or business coworkers and you are welcome to write me a review on TER or any review board. If you were not especially pleased with our time together I would prefer if you would share that feedback with me in private by email so that I can improve my performance and see what I am doing wrong but please refrain from airing your grievances in a public forum I’d rather receive these messages from you in private just like I would never place your real name in a public setting If I were unhappy with an event.


I never expect gifts from you but in the event you wish to surprise me with something special and it’s a gift from your heart I would love to list my favorite items to receive:

Gift Certificates: Free People, Verizon Wireless, Sephora, AMC movie theaters, Top Shop, and Agent Provacateur a lingerie boutique in Chicago and New York.

Scent: I love organic essential oils so you may indulge me with pure essential Vanilla oils, Lavender oil, Bergamot oil, chocolate oil or pure organic coffee essential oils.

Computer: I am in dire need of a new laptop as my apple computer here is out of date and I would love to add new features which I can not do with my current laptop from 2008 🙂

Edibles and Perishables I love a good dessert wine such as Moscato or Sauterne. My favorite chocolates are from Leonidas, Teuscher and La Maison du Chocolat. My most favorite flowers to receive are roses or any purple flower you can find such as a french tulip

I hope all your questions have been answered after reading these brief paragraphs. I enjoy meeting new guests and I love it when I hear from old clients from my past. I want you to feel completely safe and loved during all of our shared ceremonies and I truly want to keep our phone interactions just as positive, professional and loving.

Diana soft-focus nude

Namaste, Goddess Diana of and

Goddess Diana of Sensual Healer honoring Individuals seeking a Sensual and Sacred Journey and Couples who seek intimacy and understanding Certified Therapist, Energy worker and Tantric Educator A Specialist in Unconditional Love* Journey with me Cellular Contact : 312-339-7707

Phone: 312.339.7707 (mobile)

Tantra to calm your mind and amp up your capacity for Eros!

It’s time for me to blog again! Every so often I am drawn to my online habit of writing because just like energy work I always find great pleasure in letting my fingers etch out my thoughts. Creative writing has always been something I loved so it doesn’t surprise me that I find myself here trying to spark up anyone’s interest in Tantra Yoga through the written medium!

First if you haven’t found my main tantra website I wish to include a link in here for you to peruse ~> My site was first developed by a client of mine and he and I exchanged a few tantra sessions so that he could put together the bare skeletal system of my ongoing tantra process and

Marilyn Monroe at ringling brothers circus at a charity event

Marilyn Monroe at ringling brothers circus at a charity event

project. Lately I am immersed in writing here because this word press site costs me nothing to upload fresh content for you and It helps me with SEO that I don’t have to pay for.

In case you don’t know me personally I have been a sensual healer since my early twenties and have never worked for anyone but myself no matter how busy I got or how sluggish I am with the occasional lapse of work. In the past two years I have taken my tantra show on the road and took my two beautiful pets with me sharing rides with strangers or chipping in with gas if someone requested gas fare to get to where we needed to go.

Now I find myself in Washington D.C. which of course borders Virginia and Maryland. I picked this area for the past month and a half so I could run into old guests from my past and hopefully catch people in transition or en route to their ultimate destinations while they are headed to work or vacation.

Whether or not you are familiar with tantra or new to tantra in Washington D.C. there are some simple things to know about how this type of massage can potentially change you.

First of all this is a form of energy work so if you have any unfinished business buried in your psyche or sub conscious mind they will come to be awakened during or shortly after our session is over. I can’t always promise it will be a pleasant memory but it will be healing for you as we learn to help you peal away debris and old layers of your persona.

Nothing would delight me more than to have you deliriously laugh and or giggle during and after our time together because that sometimes happens as a result of triggering kundalini shakti. I can assure you you will leave completely altered and changed. You might taste food with acumen to the point where bitter is too strong for you or salt too salty for your taste buds to endure.

You might see colors more intensely and your sense of audio might be crisper and well honed. All these sensory awakenings are part of your body’s unique way of adapting to the new you. You should not feel afraid if your mouth vibrates with pleasure or your finger pads and toes are tingling. All of these symptoms are clear proof that your energy has been fully activated during our shared Tantra Ceremony.

Tantra Yoga and Tantra Massage promotes full body healing and wellness. We will be breathing deeply and soundly during our time together and so much of your own natural oxygen will be used throughout your entire body building stamina and strength in your erogenous zones and all your energy circles or chakras.

When I work on people I feel fed because I am being of use. I am quieting and unwinding your mind and body helping you feel safe and grounded. My tantra techniques are enhanced and amplified by my own natural ability to spend more time on areas of your body that I feel are problematic or blocked. For instance, if you recently suffered from a trauma or injury I may intuitively spend more of my time on that part of your body helping you breathe pleasure into those areas that were bringing you discomfort.

Sensual energy is intensely powerful and any journey we take together will be special with it’s own outcome whether it be rage, joy, increased abilities to understand yourself or a more tender heart that is awakened within you.

Many people leave my space feeling more elevated, hopeful and Compassionate and that is honestly what my goals are for you; but some people who have deep seated trauma or self loathing or guilt might feel enraged or unsure of themselves either because of their upbringing or due to what they believe is right or wrong morally.

I feel tantra is medicine for your soul and the biggest muscle I hope to awaken in you is your ability to love and we do this together, face to face as I endeavor to open up your heart chakra wider and wider till you feel an overflow of self love and more compassion for others.

Join me in yab yam or mutual cuddling if that interests you more. Ask me questions as we go along because I want you to understand every hand placement and every shared gaze. I don’t want you to leave feeling confused or “cheated” because you were too afraid to ask for something special that peaked your curiosity. When we meet together for the first time we will have a chance to laugh, chat briefly and if you are a beginner I want to know one or two goals that we can fit into our tantra session. The only people that leave here unenlightened are those individuals that had expectations of me or themselves that were not explored or met. Just remember you are a beginner and I am not completely telepathic. I might start out much slower than you wish during our first tantra session together especially if you have never mastered the breath or had any introduction to energy work before.

Please be patient with me and be loving and patient with yourself. You can’t become an expert at the tantra breath just by partaking and dabbling with one session or two spread far apart. You on your own have to have the desire to learn by practicing a little each day and by attending workshops and private classes that interest you. You can take one class a week in white tantra which is Kundalini tantra and helps you activate your hormones by chanting, holding poses and breathing slowly. If you take one white tantra class a week you are slowly adapting your body to the value of the breath work that needs to be done in order for you to transfer energy and charge up your energy centers during sensual awakenings.

You are encouraged to buy some books on the male and female orgasmic centers so you can practice at home by yourself or with your partner. You will learn how to breathe, charge up your own chakras and contract your kegels more readily by reading these books which include diagrams of the female and male sexual centers. Don’t just dabble in one session or two or jump from one tantra expert to the next. You are cheating yourself and you won’t be able to master the baby steps if you constantly starting and stopping with new people. New teachers can always enhance your awareness and peak your curiosity but if you can’t gain trust with one or two or three trusted masters of tantra you won’t have a sense of gaining more knowledge you will just be avoiding your own self. Self awareness and patience is developed through this practice so learn to take the baby steps first and eventually the breath will be so natural for you, you won’t even be thinking of consciously breathing into your chakras you will just be fully present in the moment and pulsing with energy!

I hope to meet you soon whether you have years of experience under your tantra belt or you have never even enjoyed a massage in all your adult years. I have worked with sex workers, virgins, patients recuperating from cancer, military men, corporate business women, housewives, and the very young adult male to older men in their mid seventies. I am dedicated to making you feel more alive, accepted and loved.

Your Sensual Muse Diana of
Best contact number (312) 339-7707

Goddess Diana offering energy healing, aromatherapy and Tantra in Asheville, North Carolina

Today I am offering one on one private and intimate massage sessions and tantra yoga healings in Asheville, North Carolina. I have been offering massage, reiki, aromatherapy, chakra balancing and breathing exercises to a handful of wonderful new guests who found me online offering authentic chakra balancing in Asheville, North Carolina.
It has been a week filled with meeting new people, sightseeing and just getting to know and explore different neighborhoods.
Are you in the mood to bring your body back into a state of alignment? I offer unique sessions that include an opening and an awakening of all your senses.
We feel more positive about our lives when we give and receive touch. We lose things all the time. We lose our material possessions, we lose close relatives, we lose jobs and we lose our health at times. We can bring ourselves back into balance and learn how to graciously accept change whether than dwell on our losses.
Tantra teaches us to flow with Universal change. Our bodies change all the time. Our tastes change as do our appetites and personal proclivities.
When we realize we can not resist change we open ourselves to more understanding and personal growth. My approach to tantra is to embrace every challenge and new situation.
While I am still here in Asheville, North Carolina it is my personal intention to attract anyone who needs to be more aware of their body’s. We have choices. We choose to handle stress either by indulging in something healthy or something destructive. When we allow ourselves to be touched energetically we can create a space of acceptance and openness.
I welcome anyone visiting Asheville, North Carolina to contact me for a day’s journey in focused healing. We can go on a mutual energy exchange exploring all 11 chakra systems together or we can combine a thorough deep tissue massage and authentic sensory journey in bliss Tantra together.
I welcome your questions and inquiries (312) 339-7707
Sensual Muse Diana
I work with couples, singles, transgenders and anyone who has a sincere interest in Tantra infused with Reiki ❤♡❤
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Tantra is the practice of achieving complete self actualization and personal power ♡❤

Dear Audience, what I am about to share with you is very sensitive but truthful information on how to open up your heart to more love and self awareness. Unless you have taken the time to have a reiki session or a kundalini yoga class you might not be aware of how you are judging yourself or the world around you.
Tantra yoga which is something I teach to my students is the quickest route to self healing, self realization and an opening up of all the chakra systems in your body.

During our day to day life we are faced with people’s opinions and judgments of us. We can be influenced and swayed a certain way if we are not firmly grounded into our own body and our own being. It’s hard to read people’s motives because we all have varied and vast life forming opinions based on how we were raised and our environmental stimulus.

When we are bombarded with information and other people’s opinions we can lose sight of what we need and what we create which is more important than what other people want you to believe.

We create our own reality based on what we think other people want or need of us. Tantra teaches us to fine tune our thinking. We stop and we listen to our bodies and we breathe deeply and more profoundly taking the time to honor yourself. We want to connect to our body’s ability to heal itself. We want to be aware of the temperature of the room, the sounds of our environment and the depth of breath we are taking in. We pause and we sustain consciousness.

I want everyone to let down their guard and just think about the fact that we are made of pure energy. Each wheel of energy has an affect upon the other energy circles or chakras. Tantra is a lot like Reiki because we focus on circulating our energies everywhere envisioning a circle or egg shaped circuit beginning with our base chakra or root chakra and traveling to the top of our heads and circling back down to our tail bone.

We use our sexual energy to recharge and refreshen all of our energy bodies not just one part. We want to synchronize and heal any old wounds and traumas by envisioning our sexual sacred energy as a powerful conduit of energy that can reestablish a lost connection between all our chakras. Each part of our body becomes more sensitive and more acutely aware of the power that resides within us.

Ultimately the goal of tantra is to reconnect you with your own intuition or inner voice. We want to reprogram our body into being fully open and empowered or “awakened”. I want to be a part of that important catalyst and help people learn that being “open” and loving is their given birth right. When you doubt your own ability to heal you are halting your own progression.

Every time I establish a new connections with someone who comes to me for a healing I know that I am calling forth to me someone who is vibrating at a very similar state of consciousness as I am. If there are issues that I myself am not dealing with personally I will have a natural tendency to attract anyone to me who is on a very similar path.

We need to learn we are all part of the same fabric. We learn together; we grow together and we feed each other vital energy on a daily basis whether we actively seek this out or not.

Human beings need to be “seen”. We need to share and we need to be held “sacred”. We all need respect and we all have to be honored for our uniqueness and our boundaries.

I love teaching people how to be more mindful of themselves and how to touch with intention and purposeful slowness. We are more than just “thinking” machines; we are pure energy learning how to create and manifest miracles in a human body.

Goddess Diana of Tantra Butterfly
Muse, Shaman,
Spiritual Entity having a Human experience in a physical body
We don’t achieve greatness by being still but being
STill will propel you to Greatness in due time.
Bliss is achieved when we achieve confidence
Happy to be of service when you need to realize your dreams
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The healing Aspects of a Sensual Massage ☆★

When was the last time you were touched? Do you work long hours at your computer for the type of work you do? Are you in a job where you are consistently giving more and more of yourself and your time to your coworker? Do you give of yourself to your colleagues but don’t receive the same consideration back?

If you answered yes to any of these questions chances are your body and mind are eventually going to burn out and your ability to cope with stress will reach its limit. You will begin to feel a bit “rough” around the edges and might even feel yourself becoming “short” with people you converse with or a bit “nippy” when you meet people randomly on the streets.

How can this be happening to you so suddenly? If all you do is give of yourself 24/7 without receiving a bit of love or kindness back eventually your body will give out on you to the point where you can make yourself sick and run down or you will have an accident.

Yes — accidents are our body’s way of dealing with stress in stressful times because if you don’t treat yourself with kindness your body will give you an ENFORCED time out even in the form of a sprained ankle or a small mishap. I can assure you this will happen to you because little incidents like this used to happen to me in my past if I did not value time out and appreciate the fact that my body needs to be pampered once in a blue moon too.

Where does sensual massage factor into the Equation? If you have not been in a loving relationship in eons perhaps sensual massage is going to be more of a bridge for you to acclimate your body back into receiving mode and help you release some of your boundaries so you are better prepared to dive into a relationship once again with a healthy partner.

Good touch is most important not just for lifting our moods but so that we can know the difference between a healing and loving tender approach and the more unsettling touch that is not so loving and is very “conditional”.

Sometimes people have no clue how to approach us with tender care. Sometimes we can go out on a date and have an agenda in mind but the date ends in rough touch. Sometimes the people we go out with are seeking something more akin to friends with benefits. Friends with Benefits can work for some people but not all of us. Some people do not have tine in their lives for intimacy but others truly crave intimacy more than straight on sex and that is where sensual massage and tantra massage comes into play.

If you have gone months or years without touch your body can break down on you. Everyone needs a bit of tender loving care and people simply perform better under stress when they receive a hug or a gentle massage. Deep tissue massage, sensual massage, tantra yoga and reiki all are powerful sources of tenderness when we don’t have time in our lives for a real life partner.

Some of us have jobs that involve constant travel. If you travel a bit and you maybe only spend a quarter of your time in your home you still have needs. You can only go without touch for so long before you start feeling a bit “off” or imbalanced. Your immune system starts to shut down and you begin to feel a bit exhausted or confused during day to day activities.

Sensory pleasure, cuddling, gentleness and healing light energetic touch completes the balance inside of you and the back and forth positive interaction between you and your healer opens the pathway for greater things to come to you because you are in a better frame of mind.

I love making people feel whole again and needed and loved. This work I do is my passion and I can’t think of a more fulfilling path than helping people feel touch in a safe and sane arena of healing and sensual play.

Goddess Diana
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Tantra Mantra Puja Celebration and Liberation of your Soul ✿

Tantra Mantra Puja Celebration and Liberation of your Soul ✿

We are spiritual beings living in a physical world and trapped in a physical body. We want to soar and not have the limitations of our physical “cage”! We want to go without thirst, without cravings, without hunger, without lust and without pain or self doubt. Our natural state is “bliss”. We are born unto bliss and bliss is our birth rite. Tantra is the study of bliss and is the key to our inner contentment and our ability to see the unseen. When we feel trapped we feel powerless but when we learn how to travel outside of our bodies into the realm of the astral in the form of mindful meditation we grow “wings”.
Tantra involves a connection to Source and we expand and travel outside of our bodies therefore liberating our spirit body from our denser physical body. The word tantra is compose of two words in Sanskrit. Tanoti means quite literally to stretch out or expand and the second word Trayate means to free up or liberate. We use Mantras, yantras, meditation, breathing, pujas and pranayama during a tantra healing. If you have the time to schedule a 2 to 3 hour ceremony more than likely you will have a true taste of the yantras the symbolism behind each Chakra that we work on opening up together.
Tantra is the practice of keeping your energy high and maintaining your sexual energy for creative purposes and rejuvenation. Tantra teaches you the practice of mindfulness and your study of tantra as a form of meditation will also enhance your ability to appreciate all your mundane activities until they become infused with the extraordinary. You will take small bites of your food and take in each morsel. You will find new ways to create sacred space in your own home environment because you will become extra sensitive and you will require more art and more colors as you free up your inner clutter and give yourself the permission to explore the newness of everything around you.

Tantra seeks to unite all of us and create a sense of oneness rather than isolation. The act of partnering up with your lover or your tantra teacher creates an act of give and take and ebb and flow. As you connect with your partner you might even find your breathing patterns are in synchronicity and connecting becomes like second nature to you. Your bodies relax together and it’s as if you can feel the same pain or the same thirst. During a tantra healing you must remember to breathe consciously into your own heart chakra so you feel energized because you will be sharing your own heart energy with your partner and you will in essence be feeding each other pranic food.
How can you not evolve and expand under such lovely circumstances? We all go through phases in life. Sometimes we find ourselves busy in activity so we can hardly make space to learn anything new. At other times we might go through periods of worry or a lack of abundance. During these times we have more time to ponder different aspects of our personality and to decide what it is that really drives our passions. During these quieter times we have to reinvent ourselves and we can take this time to acquire new skills or change our location and move to a different city. Tantra will change you. Tantra will assist you in your growth no matter how painful or scary it is to change you can use tantra yoga to help you balance your relationship with yourself and give you the strength to set boundaries with others so you can express your needs and be “seen”.

Goddess Diana
Tantra Butterfly Muse

So how does one prepare oneself for the Big O ♬♫♩

How do you reach that place of serenity within your being that makes you feel so content you are not consciously aware of your needs or the environment around you?  When you are so agitated and frustrated that all you can think of is the big o you might become concerned and worried and question your abilities as a lover. 

When we experience severe trauma our physical body goes into shock.  We might receive triggers from our environment that sets off our body’s automatic reflexes.  We become short of breath or we notice we are clumsier and not as clear thinking as we should be.   Post traumatic stress disorder is a very common illness and like all illnesses can hinder our body’s ability to feel safe, loved and empowered.

Tantra yoga is an escape.  Tantra by itself is a vital technique of body awareness and mindful, body meditation because you are allowing yourself to shut off stimulus and just go inwards to tap into your own energy.  As you breathe you clench and unclench certain muscle groups and hold the energy inside your heart, your stomach region and your thighs and buttocks.  As you learn to separate each muscle group from each other you are opening up that chakra system and becoming more mindful of what is going on in your body.

Your body carries your unique energy signature.  Only you know your body and only you know how it feels to be stressed or full relaxed and open and flowing.

Tantra yoga teaches you not to second guess yourself.  As you breathe energy up higher into your crown chakra and your third eye you tap onto any intuitive abilities you might have but never reinforced.  If you want to learn how to have the most powerful, intense, life affirming orgasm you have to learn the secrets of your body’s landscape.  If you can fully relax and involve your entire body with the experience of full body pleasure then inherently you are training yourself to be fully orgasmic with or without stimulus. 

People can and will experience electrical and warm synapses of energy that feel like tingling sensations with repeated tantra meditation and practice.  This is not just book theory this is full body healing at its finest.  So what if you don’t have a beloved you can learn to feel these tingling sensations on your own by practicing the art of coming close to arousal then relaxing, breathing and backing off. 

Tightening your kegels and tightening your sphincter muscles then isolating each area will keep you in the moment and fully aware of the build up of CHI energy in your body.  You will even have orgasms in your sleep if you practice the pulsing and clenching of your muscle groups not just once in a blue moon but in a daily basis as part of your ritual.

So how do you prepare yourself for the big orgasm?  Sensual massage and tantra massage with mindful breathing should be a complement to your weekly routine.  If you can relax and not hold onto expectations of what you might have your reward is the full body arousal and build of sexual tension and flow.  

What does a sensual massage mean to you?  Is it a form of escape from your stress filled week?  Is it a decadent pleasure you allow yourself to indulge in because you are craving gentle touch?  Is it quiet time where you let go quiet your mind and drift off leaving your body far behind?

All I can say is that the students who have come to me without any expectations and without any pressure to perform are the ones who leave here deeply satiated and completely overwhelmed with a flood of energy that surpasses any of their expectations.  If you can explore, enjoy and let your guard down you will potentially be so open to energy flowing that any and all touch will simply send you over the top from the moment of your first tantra healing to the moment of simply stepping into the shower unaware.  You might be caught off guard and say WHAT WAS THAT?  And you know very well that that is your own delightful energy unhindered by self judgement or self deprecation.

You are a marvelous being.  You do deserve to feel complete full body pleasure and tantra is the art of being  a fully desirable, sensual and creative being Image

Won’t you come join me in setting up sacred space?  I long to teach you how to love and adore your divine essence.

Goddess Diana

Tantra is the Psychic Narration of full body healing and manifestation ❀✿

Tantra is the Psychic Narration of full body healing and manifestation ♬♫

January 31, 2014 at 4:48pm

Lately I am seeing an unwelcome trend these days.  Everyone seems to want quick and expedient results. They don’t want to wait they want to get to the top of their field in days not years.  They want to lose weight in weeks not months.  Anyone who truly cares about an ideal understands it is through patience, visualization and self healing that we achieve our goals.  We now live in a world where we can microwave almost anything we want.  We get bored –we flip on our television set or put on a DVD rather than get dressed, deliberate on a good film and go to the cinema.  If we get scared some of us go to the bars to hide from our loneliness.


What tantra teaches us is patience.  First we understand that there is a power or source of energy out there that feeds us.  If we learn to tap into this source of strength we can then have a stronger sense of self and we no longer simply ourselves as all male or all female we are both the convergence of yin and yang.  We embrace our strengths as divine male essence and divine female essences.  Here we are vulnerable and fresh and hopefully willing to release our need to control our emotions.  We are here not to control or enforce our will on others we are here to share ourselves and quietly acknowledge another person’s strength and weakness as our own.


If you are lucky enough in this lifetime to meet a soul mate or twin flame then you will naturally have this experience where there are no boundaries between you and your Sacred other because you are full of trust and you naturally want to give and share your energy with your beloved so you are free to express yourself without judging yourself –you just naturally pour out love and there is a circular rhythm of giving that forms a bubble of love back and forth.  This give and take is a chording or a bond of energy that is plugging your entire chakra system with your beloved.  Instead of these chords depleting your source of energy you feel the energy is limitless or without parameters or bounds.  It is a complete symbiosis of healing and you are joined as one. You even enter each other’s dream time without even trying and or you might find your phone rings right as you are thinking of your lover.  These energy chords become conmingled but instead of you feeling trapped or stifled you welcome the energies and you crave more.  Instead of you feeling Psychically drained you are fed and fully alive with awareness and self love by the reflection of your partner’s love for you.


If you are not yet on this journey of twin flame you might know what it means to feel a quieter or more serene rapture which is the sacred act of self love.  You have come to rely solely on yourself.  You yourself may have had a rougher journey than most.  Maybe you grew up without siblings or sound parentage.  You might have had to parent yourself and found a couple of strong role models who supported you and offered you guidance.  You might have learned the craft of self sufficiency but you might also be over armoring yourself and preventing any future soul mate connections by being so guarded.  Being guarded is NOT a bad thing.  These shields you created were set up to protect yourself from pain or manipulative behaviors.  A closed Chakra is NOT a bad thing but our energy needs to experience both the force of open flow and outpouring of loving energy and the natural stop of self preservation so you can take a healthy time out from too much infusion of other people’s energies bombarding you.


Tantra is the exploration of exploring safe and sane boundaries within yourself and your tantra partner.  As you exhale out your tantra partner learns to accept your vibration and inhales your breath taking your energies fully into their heart and blessing your energy with theirs then sending you back that blessing directly into your heart space.  You learn to share energy not label it.  You experience the heaviness and the lightness of energy that is not your own but you learn to accept it as your own without anger or judgement.  No one can steal or “take” your energy from you because we all receive energy from Source –we just have to know how to tap into that free energy from Source and clear our filters properly so we can make better use of the energy that is in abundance all around us. 


Having faith in a higher power is the first step in fine tuning your higher Chakra.  If you have complete trust that your higher power is there to support, uplift and sustain you then your crown chakra like an antennae will open up more easily.  When you have faith in a higher power you are better able to receive the warm energy flow and allow yourself to allow this source to sustain you and know there will be no lack of energy for you to feed freely and no lack of energy for you to share with your partner or people around you.  If you feel drained about  a situation that is not in your “control” that is the perfect time to shower yourself with this radiant self love or get together with someone you trust and just breathe together.  Having a ritual in your life connects you to source.  You might find a particular song soothes your soul.  You might have a movie that forces you to connect with your more loving, vital nature.  Perhaps you just adore being immersed in water especially salty waters.  These rituals are part of the Divine Sacred act of making love to your Higher Being.


We were created to be love.  We were created to experience our love and vibrate with creativity.  If a song compels you to close your eyes and envision yourself fully empowered then you owe that time and blessing for yourself.  If you can only feel loved by being nurtured or caressed then go to a spa or seek out a tantra healing so you can free your ability to be touched without shame or anger.  I have met people who have never even had a massage in their entire lifetime even though they were involved in jobs which required stamina and strength.  They never believed they were deserving of the experience but in order to give of yourself you must know what it feels like to receive touch and kindness. 


When you learn to flow with energies and when you learn to just let go and trust you expand your heart consciousness and you reunite with your higher grace.  Sacred union is not just the meeting of two twin flames Sacred Union is making love to yourself and feeling your full energies expand and quake all through your central nervous system. 


When you see how powerful, bright and full of hope you truly are you might first feel overwhelmed at having met yourself but I can assure you you won’t ever feel along again.  Our journeys take us forward to our goals but we always take a few steps backwards because of a bit of self doubt.  It can be kind of scary when you realize you are the captain of your own ship ❤Image

The Karmic Role of the Goddess By Goddess Diana ☉☼

First of all let me say my personal email address is and  There is an imposter by the name of Stephanie who embedded my website title Tantra Butterfly into the body of a phony gmail account and she owns a personal blog known as the The Sensual Foodie.

Although Stephanie looks nothing like me she used pictures from my website and promised certain students that they would be meeting up (with me) but instead she is an escort service as a side job and a chef by trade.

This outrages me especially since I put in a lot of effort to educate myself and when I found out what Stephanie was doing I was not only hurt but I requested she cease and desist.  She now linked  this blog to her TER review message board profile under her fake alias otherwise known as Butterfly.

I don’t go by the name Butterfly I use my birth name which is Diana.  Eventually anyone who does follow the tantric path will begin to see a shift in their personality.  It will be harder for a true tantrika to be able to handle baser energies from seekers or competitors.

I can not be held responsible for plagiarism and since Stephanie won’t cooperate with me and take down her fake gmail account and unlink her profile from this blog eventually I will have to invest in the legal services of a good attorney.

To avoid confusion the best way to reach me will always be my one and only cellular number which is 312-339-7707 and my email accounts affiliated with


Tantra is a journey of self love and boundaries.  We honor our own choices and we learn from our students and our teachers integrating each new technique and making it our own.

Have you ever felt an instant connection with someone just by feeling their vibe on the phone? Sometimes all it truly takes is a voice vibration and you feel deeply connected to your student or teacher or you simply feel uncomfortable and uneasy.

Go with your initial instinct.  Don’t be afraid to state your goals when you first meet your teacher. 


A true Dakini or Tantra priestess is a woman who is in her spiritual power.  She does not need to look behind her or ask the counsel and advice of other Goddesses.  She is self assured and in her spiritual power because she has experienced a Kundalini awakening most likely a strong feeling of energy rush through her prior to engaging in the Tantric path. 

In tantra yoga the woman is both healer, priestess and Sex Goddess but her power lies not just in her beauty or the shakti power between her genitals– her true power is in her ability to see her Goddess hood.  

So now I ask of you — What does it take for a woman to own her power and call herself a true Goddess?  A goddes is poised and she does not seek approval from men in order for her to feel her divine feminine energies awaken.  A Goddess inspires a man to feel like a God.  Must a Goddess wear make up and tight mini dresses and high, spiky heels to prove to her man that she is worthy of his love and approval?  Is A Goddess required to wear an erotic harem outfit for her lover in order for him to feel fully aroused as he greets her?  A true goddess does not rely on plagiarism or copying someone else’s style.  She is self possessed without being “selfish”.

A true goddess does not jump to conclusions when her lover withdraws his affections and isolates himself in his thoughts.  A goddess is a healer who conspired to honor herself and seek the truth from her lover establishing healthy boundaries so her lover can follow her conscious lead.  Women are natural healers and Shamans.  We need to take back our power that we gave to someone else and realize that we should never be afraid of disapproval just because society dictates that women must act or look a certain way to appease others.

My path is a Conscious path to awaken my heart and my student’s heart through Conscious touch, Sacred breath and a contract to heal and not harm.

Please visit my main website and enjoy the beauty I have created for you! 

Goddess Diana of  Image



Women’s role as dispenser of ‘spiritual attainments’ was undertaken not just for pleasure, but out of compassion for the world. One example of this is the story of  King Dombia and low-caste female tantric Dombiyogini, who transformed themselves into Buddha’s through their sacred union.  Dombiyogini composed many songs of realization (vajra-songs). In one song she celebrates how communion between female and male Buddha’s generated waves of harmony, nectar that satisfied “the spiritual hunger in the hearts of living beings everywhere.”