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Virginia Beach, Virginia is for Lovers of Tantra ❤ and couples Coaching.

david-bowie-1-800My travels have now taken me to Virginia Beach Virginia this week and I am quite in awe of the few wonderful new guests and lovers of Tantra I have met here!
Tantra is a very organic, natural experience which takes you into a state of deep trance and peacefulness. Many people here in Virginia Beach are already aware of the serenity of Tantra Massage and Tantra Yoga but I love to take my practice a notch or two or step above and beyond what you should normally experience during a Tantra frame of mind.
If you find yourself listless or just craving touch Tantra will recharge you because all touch held with sacred intentions can release your body’s abilities to heal itself.
Tantra is about conjoining your sacred energy with the person in front of you and being in a state of non judgement as you pass positive energy back and forth between each other.
If you feel yourself getting nervous or self conscious during a session with your Tantra Partner here in Virginia Beach just know I can help you feel less aware of your separateness just be the act of holding hands with me and breathing deeply or spooning each other with slow deep rhythmic breathing techniques.
I have never before been to Viginia Beach, Virginia and this happens to be the “off season” where people tend to want to stay at home during the colder weather. This is the ideal moment to join me for intimate healing and letting lose and shedding your layers.
I personally invite anyone here traveling through Viriginia Beach to receive my unique tantra healings. For me ❤ Tantra is always heart centered, mindful touch that transcends you, stimulates you, challenges you to reach deeper and simply makes your body and mind smile.
I love the interaction and cuddles that come as a care package with my vocation. If I were not such a lover of sensitive and caring, thoughtful touch I would never wish to engage on this level of deep intimacy with anyone. There is a difference here between raw, carnal, empty touch and skilful, respectful touch that heals you, vibrates you and makes you feel sacred.
Please give me a try. My main website is entertaining and I wrote each article from my heart as I keep changing my mindset and my personal journey as a Tantra healer and educator.
I hope to work with open minded lovers of Tantra yoga here in Virginia Beach and I am always excited to be sponsored if you have a workshop setting where you would like me to teach your small group of excited tantra couples anywhere in the Virginia or Washington D.C. area.

I try and keep myself child like and refrain from judging as I meet new people in all cities. What is most important to me is connecting with the right energies and the right group mind set where new guests are seeking to exchange some moments of blissfulness here in Virginia beach and elsewhere. Tantra is not about changing who you are but about the enhancement of your unique sensitivities. When you become more sensitive and self aware you become more “mystic”. We are all mystics on a journey. We learn that colors can heighten and intensify as we become one with the breath. Breathing and eye gazing are just two focal points of Tantra Yoga. When we let go enough simply to surrender to the moment we realize we are not separate from each other but intimately connected to each other no matter how different we “appear” to be.

Being separate is only the “illusion” and the natural state of Being is attaining a mindset of non judgement where touching is sacred and the placing of our hands from heart to sacrum helps open up our old wounds and “scarring” or scar tissue from the battle of being misunderstood.

Tantric Yoga and The Small Group workshop NOT ORGY ♥♡

Part of the Art of True Tantric Yoga is the choice that the Dakini has in hr life. Part of the art of selectively and hand picking your Dakini is to honor her boundaries and establish your goals and desires.
Do you feel at easy with the person on the phone you are talking to?
If not this is probably not going to be a good or healing experience for the dakini or the seeker who is wanting to connect with their sensual pleasures.

I have boundaries even though I teach couples tantra.
I am a moving, healing, sentient being who requires mutual trust and connection.
I simply desire everyone call me with an open heart and an open mind and a need to learn something powerful.
But let us uphold each other’s boundaries and when we do decide to meet let us use real names not fake stage names and not fake google numbers.
if you can’t be mature about your needs don’t expect me to be able to work with you on your bliss.
Bliss is everyone’s true birthright to explore and this is not some crazy, hedonistic, sex orgy but a real opportunity to explore your inner divinity in a Sacred setting with real boundaries.

I am sharing you a true account so you can gain some understanding of the work I do and the sometimes childish behavior I must encounter on my path.
I don’t find it flattering at all to know that after spending in depth time answering someone’s questions I was used as their private sick fantasy or “joke”. To dishonor me and dishonor the work I do is simply not in alignment with the work of the Goddess.

by Diana Grossman on Saturday, August 11, 2012 at 1:27pm ·

Dear audience,

I choose to share this open letter sent to me this past Thursday by a prospective

couple who misunderstood what I have to offer.

I had spent 30 minutes on the phone with her husband “frank” on his google

subscription number which might have been my first big mistake.

Typically people who are seeking thrills only entertainment call me from a google

number and typically include an alias.

frank told me the last time he set up a couples session a young woman came to his

home wearing jeans and informed them an additional $50 would be required for their

1.5 hours session so that he would need to cough up $250 for 90 minutes of a couples


I explained to him my pricing and asked if it was affordable.

I offered workshop training and said I would be overjoyed to use each person as a

class demo so that each person of the four could enjoy an authentic healing.

I never never said I was on the menu.

I never said I would be dressed up as an escort or hooker.

I never said I expected tips for extras.

I said I offered chanting, Reiki training and true breathing techniques and that they

would all have a turn as the class demo and I would even observe how they understood

my demo by giving each one a chance to work on each other so that if they had questions

they could have time to inquire and stop me if they did not understand what we were doing.

I suggested that each person join me for the hands on healing and each member of the group

will assist me so that the receiver will actually give us all feedback and we can learn from

the receiver.

I never never said I would be engaging in sexual intercourse as it is not an offering on my


Since “Susan Gibson” decided to “get off” on my energy for that day without my permission

I decided in fair energy exchange and I am sharing her letter to me with all of you


everyone who chooses to read my notes today .

I will also be uploading this on my blog today as fair and equal exchange of energy since

they basically wasted my time for their private entertainment and titillation AT MY



You talked to my Husband Frank last night about a tantra class/massage for us and another couple. First off, I am not sure what you two talked about in detail, but I should thank you because when I got home last night, he meet me at the door and we never made it out of the hallway, something that has not happened in awhile!!

What you are suggesting for an eveing sounds very exciting, and I want to pursue this more, but we need a little more time before we can do this with the other couple. We need to talk about this a little more since this will be a level of intimacy we have not done before. Yes we all have been to nude beaches together and nude on our back deck and in our hot tub, but not to this level. The most we have done is our husbands talked her and I into kissing and playing a little with each other for them to watch, but we would need to talk some more since I am sure there will be intercourse between all 5 of us. If I am wrong on that, please let me know. I know this is not sex, this is much more and I am open, in fact very aroused about doing this, so let make sure its going to be well received by all.

Sorry if I am rambling, this is new for me to talk about. We may have you come for just us next week sometime, and we will talk to the other couple about it more this evening. Just need to be sure we are all on the same page first.

BTW, I love the Blue Hair!

Diana Grossman

Aug 9 (2 days ago)

to Susan

My dear friend. I do not engage in sexual intercourse with anyone 🙂

I do allow mutual touching, healing, kissing of the chakras if that is

something YOU would enjoy.

I am very pure and pristine. I am not a hooker or escort service but

a genuine shaman. Yes I am not angry

with you at all for implying we shall have sex. This is not a fivesome 🙂

I am happy to see you tonight or this weekend or just you and your

husband next week if that is what YOU


I have been reviewed on message boards by low class people and people

who have valued me.

Because I do not engage is sexual intercourse some people chose to

write the cruelest remarks about me

online and the one true blue clients who loved what I had to offer (a

real healing) wrote some wonderful

reviews of me online.

It is a pity that tantric yoga is not fully understood and this is

truly the fault of HBO. Yes we can have the

potential to have multiple orgasms and you can share a greater bonding

with your friends and your husband

with singing, breathing, mutual touch and real healing.

I told your husband the truth about what i offer. I told him you

would all have a turn at being a class demo meaning I will work on

each one of you. Then I would have all of YOU join me and assist me

in the massage so

the receiver of this sensual and therapeutic massage will be

thoroughly in bliss and loved and that person will give us good feed

back or suggestions for how we can all help heal them more.

It is a profound experience. If you have questions for me call me

today. I am low key today and I ended up

not working early this morning as I planned. A lawyer (chickened out

so to speak).

This is supposed to be enjoyable and not complex or creepy. We are

not “molesting” each other or having an

orgy this is hands on healing and I take my work seriously since this

is what I enjoy doing.

I was a born healer and touch is what I do best. I will teach all of

you how to give an authentic healing tantric yoga

massage that stimulates and calms the energy down.

Do reach out to me today and discuss this with your friends. You have

my permission to have them call me and or you have my permission to

forward this email to them.

I am not an escort i don’t have sex with anyone (but the stupid

message boards online sometimes lie).

I can only say you would have a fun time and hopefully learn some

valuable skills. This is not complex it’s meant to be simple, organic

and easy on the body!!!

If I don’t hear from you today hopefully call me when you have some

time to chat.

Thanks so much,

Goddess Diana

On Thu, Aug 9, 2012 at 8:45 AM, Susan Gibson

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