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Tantra is cooperation and flexibility โ™กโคโ™ก

Tantra is not a rigid arena — Tantra is a playful seduction of letting yourself go without any self judgments and without any expectations. You say you want to become Tantric? Do you always have to have YOUR way or can YOU be more flexible and positive? Can you change your plans at the drop of a hat or are you always Wanting to control the people in your life?

The more we study and practice tantra yoga the more we realize it’s not about what we can get but what we can mutually learn from each other. I approach each tantra session as a mutual arena and opportunity for play. It is not about ME and it’s not about YOU– it’s about US.
We exchange energies therefore we learn what buttons to push or not to push. You have a chance to learn more about your body and how your body reacts to mutual healing and breathing.

We might not be able to breathe in and out at the same pace but once we calm our minds and slowly match our energies we can focus on how similar we are and we become ONE unit and one main source of SHARED energy. IN time the breathing practice will become so organic and natural to you that you won’t be thinking about having to breathe while receiving and giving touch; you will feel this natural desire to take in a breath of air every time you sense a reaction in your body.

I like to think of tantra yoga and tantra massage as a pure transference of energy and there is no need for control and there is no right or wrong way to touch because we make the rules as we share and participate together. I want you to give me feedback because I am NOT you but I deeply desire to get to know you as we share sacred space.

When you think upon the idea of sacred space truly there is no such law that states that sacred space MUST be in one’s home or sacred temple. I can make any space sacred with my intentions, focus and positive affirmations. We together Co Create sacred space with the intentions of combining our energies, our chakras and our hearts to create shared harmony and unconditional love.

You can spend time at your friend’s home and create Sacred Space simply by being filled with Gratitude. The act of being deeply grateful leads to openness and abundance because you are acknowledging the blessings of what you already have therefore you are attracting more love to you based on your open spirit.

No matter where you are and no matter what hotel you are in even when you travel on a plane you are in solely responsible for your outlook and your open heart. You can practice gratitude and self healing affirmations when you are in line at the bank!

Change your outlook on what a Tantra Ceremony must be or SHOULD BE because there is no wrong time to cherish yourself and honor your boundaries. Chant your first and middle name aloud and empower yourself in a mantra of a state of positive being. Shout out all your positive traits and why others should honor you and find you Sacred. We all have some wonderful qualities and we can take time out each day to call upon our higher power and acknowledge ourselves for our gifts. If we can recognize ourselves as being all powerful and capable of positive changes then we begin to really believe we can have anything we wish because we do deserve it!

Sacred Space is you. Sacred Space is any environment you experience and any locale you trespass. The magic is within you not the Temple Space itself. Be kind to yourself and be kind to your own Temple –your own physical body does so much for you already and be grateful for what you already have because we only have the present to enjoy!

Goddess Diana
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Tantra opens the Heart Chakra and Yoni empowerment opens the heart wider

Many people are fascinated by the mystique of the feminine awakening and the power of yoni massage. Half the men who call me are curious and wish to learn some secrets so that their partner will feel more enlivened by her own sexuality. My opinion is you simply can not force your partner into a sexual orgasm but you can envision her as a more whole Goddess able to receive and be awakened by your healing touch. Only 1/4 of the people who do call me are women and maybe only five of those women will want to explore their energy and feel safe enough to have a yoni Goddess massage.

I will never encourage a couple to learn tantra yoni massage unless both partners are excited about the healing prospects of yoni empowerment. During a tantra ceremony or yoni healing the focus is on empowerment, trust, healing trapped trauma and sending unconditional love vibrations to the pelvic cradle and genitalia.

There is nothing “filthy”, unwholesome, naughty or salacious about a yoni empowerment and if a man is practice yoni healing using my body as a model the focus is on my pleasure or my healing and not the excitement level of the student working with my energy. Many women will distrust or pull away from her partner if she is not feeling safe, respected or loved. We are not pieces or body parts, we are not masturbatory objects we are Goddesses each one of us resonating and flowering under the right partner. If you can’t accept your partner has feelings and deserves to receive pleasure just by the mere fact that she is worthy of your respect and love then something is wrong with the way you perceive women and the sacred act of tantra massage and intimacy.

Yoni healing, tantra massage, lingham honoring and Goddess honoring involve intimacy, patience, sincerity and a willingness to keep an open mind. Boundaries play a very important role in yoni worship because if at any time your touch is too intense or uncomfortable you must let your ego go and really listen to what your Goddess is telling you. There is nothing wrong in receiving important feedback that might help you and your partner bond better.

Tantra yoni empowerment involves empowering her divine feminine essence which is called Shakti. When shakti is awakened her life force is channeled starting at her tail bone which is called the Kundalini Shakti and this powerful energetic surge allows her to feel more erotic and less judgmental of herself. This blissful state can awaken and charge up all the chakras in her body making her more sensually aware, possibly be more intuitive and see colors more brightly and actually make her feel more positive about being here in the physical body. We gain higher Consciousness when we tap into our untapped sensual energies.
Sensuality is not sinful it’s healing and makes you want to create more beauty in this world.
Along with the feelings of pleasure and expansion there can also be feelings of unworthiness or vulnerability. Everyone carries their own energies and memories to the work we do. One person might be aware of stored trauma so suddenly it is overwhelming and they might need to stop having you work on their yoni just to remember something. We trigger stored memories in our cells each time we have any kind of energy work done so be respectful and mindful when your partner needs to simply stop. Never take it personally just let your partner verbalize what they need to express in the moment and be full accepting and present so they feel safe sharing with you.

Now that you understand why men and women want to learn tantra yoni healing you may want to work with someone you trust. Straight on sexual intercourse has its own special place but if you want to delve into the realm of breaking through real barriers and making progress you should focus on yoni massage and from someone preferably with a background in healing and tantra yoga.

Only a trained certified tantra teacher knows how to hold sacred space and connect intimately with Shakti energy. If you can be fully receptive and allow your body the chance to be explored you will find out what makes you feel juicy inside or what makes you feel unsafe. We can clear out trauma and any negative triggers we might have stored over a lifetime of having our partners NOT listen to us. When we empower the yoni we have greater access to the Sacred Spot and the Sacred Spot or G-spot massage is the strongest area of the vagina that holds our trauma imprints and our pleasure zones. Not every woman is capable of feeling orgasm so easily because if you have been in unfulfilled relationships you might not even realize what an orgasm is. There are people who don’t even feel comfortable exploring their own bodies during the act of self pleasuring because they were taught to feel ashamed of their sexuality. When we empower the Yoni we free her of all negative power trips and we realize all guilt and fear. It might take one session or it might take several mini sessions built up over an extended period but eventually a profound healing and clearing does take place and the Goddess is able to blossom.

We are all Goddesses the Carriers of the Divine blessing and we create life within us. Breathing is self affirming. Each time we take in a deep breath of air we tell our bodies we are so worthy of this breath and this healing. We breathe in deeply each time we process our sacred sexual pleasure. We breathe this awareness into our lungs our heart chakras as if to say we are HERE in the NOW. We deserve to be honored, we deserve this pleasure and we deserve to have love in our lives. A trained Dakini or Daka (male tantra yoga practioner) is trained to hold sacred space and advise his or hers student to keep breathing slowly and deeply as the yoni is being honored and massaged. Each time we breathe deeply we reaffirm that we EXIST. We are important. We do matter. We are Being SEEN!
THERE is nothing more powerful than breath, laughter, healing touch and pleasure. Pleasure in and of itself is the most powerful Medicine we can find better than any prescription drug on the market.

When you have access to all your chakras through breath, sexual awareness and self love there is nothing you can’t do or CREATE. Just look around you. The world we live in is multidimensional rich in beauty, rich in smells, raw and gentle all at the same time. When we empower our Yonis we tap into our inner Strength and our Inner Goddess.

Goddess Diana
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Are you following your passion?

Hello I can’t help but waking up feeling positive about life even though at times I wonder where I am headed! I try and make every city I visit my home so for right now while I am here in New Orleans, Louisiana I am considering this my home even if I leave in a month or two.
I don’t start every tantra session the same. Sometimes I feel someone might be so open we just sit in front of each other with our foreheads touching and breathing circular breaths together just so we can slow down and get a sense of being ONE person instead of two separate beings. I don’t always get that clear signal from someone and if so just a wonderful deep tissue massage starting with the shoulders and neck can be comforting enough for anyone to let down their guard.

Sometimes a couple will hire me or rather a really caring husband with wonderful intentions will want me to come over and work on his wife’s energy but we always have to respect the fact that the yoni must be healed only when the Goddess in question is safe, comfortable and ready to learn.

So I have a question for you! Are you living your passion? Most people who are passionate about the work they do thrive when it comes to relaxing and extra curricular activities because they have already possessed skills and enthusiasm in their day to day ritual. I find that most men or women who are in their complete power are very comfortable working with their sexual energy and most of the time they want their husband and wife to participate more in life which includes tantra massage and tantra sex.

I can instantly detect when a man or a woman is comfortable sharing their sexuality with me and they want a “tune Up”. We can learn from being in any situation and we can always get better at a skill when we possess PASSION. I am passionate. I wake up and remember all my dreams and share it with people on my face book page because I do want to learn and I do want to process anything negative or positive from my past and present.

If I am fully aware of what I need to learn I can be more present for you. Some people can try and relax and be present but they find it a deep challenge. Some people are embarrassed to express their needs even to someone they deeply love. Some people are afraid to give up the control and relax so they might smoke, drink, fidget, constantly check their cell phones for messages and pretty do anything BUT connect with their friends, their healer, or their close family members. This is cheating everyone. It’s cheating yourself if you avoid the NOW.

Being full present and accepting who you are NOW and trying new things without any sense of fear or judgement is a challenge but a challenge that is very important for you to achieve and meet head on.

Avoidance of being in the NOW is crippling. It’s like you are separating yourself and fragmenting yourself so every one if your life is only receiving and understanding a small part of you.

Tantra massage addresses the organic you, the sensuous you, the timid you, the ornery you, the relaxed you, the authentic you! When you receive a tantra healing it’s similar to peeling the skin off an apple. In order to get to the sweet, juicy meat of the fruit you have to be patient and peel away that tender outer skin that outer shell of you.

I hope to meet you where ever you are on your journey and maybe it will take a few more months or a few more years. The journey is about being Passionate and Accepting yourself and accepting unconditional love and healing touch from your partner no matter what you look like and no matter what your goals are.Valentino and Diana nudes