Today is Father’s Day ūüßł

Today is Father’s Day but I don’t miss my biological father who physically kicked my mother in the stomach when she was carrying me in her womb. In fact I still don’t respect my own mother who is also deceased because what kind of mother remains married to a man who would attempt to threaten the life of her unborn child?

I’m posting this information not to garner any sympathy but to help people understand that not all of us here had desirable childhoods or pleasant memories of our parents during these traditional Hallmark card American created Holidays.

I’m not even a tad bit sentimental or regretful today because both my parents failed me and they were in a sick codependent relationship with one another and when my mother found out my father was schizophrenic she was even considering an abortion and deeply worried that I myself would develop schizophrenia like my father since it is after all hereditary.

Well my father had a complete nervous meltdown when my mother became pregnant and she told me he had kicked her hard then spent several months in treatment in the hospital for his mental condition.

Medication and talk therapy can only do so much for anyone suffering from delusions and I knew my father became a completely different person when he got angry with me or my mother. You could literally see his dark, black pupils become so enlarged his brown eyes became pitch black and he no longer looked human.

My father was very abusive to me…I have good memories of him when he showed genuine compassion towards me but his cruelty outweighed anything good he showed me and If I could go back in time as a young child I’d love to relive all those scary instances but ideally I would have left my home physically and spent more time outdoors or at the library and escaped his blind rages.

Not every father is ideal for the position of parenting so only a handful of lucky people out there had good, healthy relationships with their mothers and fathers. At the very least some of us as children were blessed to have a good role model either in the form of an uncle, a teacher or a close family friend.

I myself spent a good part of my childhood and puberty hiding in fear from my father who was not only diagnosed with schizophrenia but truly possessed by demonic entities. I’d love to understand what on earth I must have done in a previous incarnation to deserve such a frightening childhood but I know it shaped my character and made me a more sensitive child more empathetic than my peers.

I remember also being bullied by children my own age from five years old to age 16. At times I’d defend myself and the children would eventually learn to steer clear of me if I decided to defend myself properly. Most of the time I didn’t do anything to defend myself and I’d just cry quietly to myself at home. If my mother found out I had been bullied she usually didn’t have sympathy for me at all; in fact she genuinely became angry at me and wanted to know how I could let any of these peers take advantage of me or beat me up.

I learned to avoid and isolate myself from children in my school and at times I’d fight back when enough was enough and I had had my fill. I certainly didn’t mind fighting back and I at times learned how to adequately defend myself from my father’s tantrums and misdirected anger.

I never celebrate Father’s Day here on my Facebook wall but I know it’s a special day for at least a few blessed people out there in social media who knew what it felt like to be deeply loved unconditionally and respected by their fathers.

I leave this here on my wall not to garner sympathy but to help others understand that we don’t all celebrate this Holiday. Some of us don’t to this day understand why we ended up with the parents we had. I know a psychic reader I hired last year acknowledged to me what I had already known. My father was indeed a Channel for Spirits…all Spirits even Malevolent Spirits. He couldn’t control what he received so the doctor’s misdiagnosed his clairvoyance and prescribed him with pills and other medications that no doubt made his visions that much worse and skewed his reality further.

My parents were VESSELS …they were important in that they brought me here. I’m alive and I myself am clairvoyant and clairsentient and clairaudient. I know how to ground my own energies and I’ve never allowed any entity to ” take over the steering wheel ”

I can filter what it is I wish to receive and I function well on my own independently . I truly do not desire nor crave anyone else to “compliment” or “complete” me. I’ve had so many things taken from me but I’ve endured it and I’m content. I would never refuse genuine help if it were offered up to me but I learned the hard way that help is rarely offered unless there are “strings” attached.

My upbringing made me more sensitive and strong. I learned not to expect too much from anyone and I learned as I got into adulthood that people you date can abandon you when you need them the most especially if you let your guard down and bared your true feelings to them.

Anyone can disappoint you at anytime. The key to being truly happy is self reliance, self respect and unconditional self love. You must be there for yourself and learn to hold your own hand during the darkness.

By the way I do not give readings to anyone.¬† I sometimes might give my clients advice and pick up information they may need to hear from their Spirit Guides or “higher power “; but I don’t want to “probe” anyone I don’t know personally and interfere in their journey.

My psychic abilities have lead me to understand that I should place complete faith in myself first because of my own bodily signals or slight panic attacks.¬† I learned from firsthand experience that if I do not honor my own intuition I will be misled or reap the consequences of being completely taken advantage of by people who don’t have my best interests in mind.

I have experienced what it feels like numerous times not to be listened to and not to be taken seriously especially by people who were in a position to guide me or offer me help.

I suggest that if any of you reading my blog get a nagging gut feeling within you that some path isn’t right for you that you honor yourself first and pay close attention to your body’s signals.¬† If you feel nauseous or sweaty or truly ill before a decision you’ve made you may need to change your intended course of action and back away and try another alternative plan.

No one will be able to predict an outcome for you because we always have free will and the ability to change our minds frequently.¬† In honor of Father’s Day seek out answers within you more often.¬† Never question your own intuition and never put all your faith in one entity or one set way of doing something.

In honor of Father’s day learn to create sacred space within yourself first. When you wake up each day keep track of your thoughts.¬† Are you sending comforting thoughts to yourself and your physical body or are you silently criticising yourself ?

You alone carry all the answers within you and you alone intuitively understand how and where to begin the process and long journey of self healing and renewal.


Chicago Tantra Massage is for Anyone ready for a healing Journey

I feel the need to write today mostly because I am always spot on correct when I read an email from a new potential client and know deep down they simply wanted to VENT to me but they honestly weren’t Emotionally prepared to begin a tantra ceremony in real life.

In all fairness tantra isn’t for everyone and everyone is motivated by different reasons to try a session whether it’s strictly curiosity, too much personal stress in their life or they love healing connection.

Half the people that reach out to me are high achievers who know what they want and how to get it. They love their partners, love their career and they want a session as a treat because they feel they deserve it.

Other people are involved in reiki, yoga, music and creative pursuits so they crave chakra balancing, and breath coaching along with the sensual touch.

I also receive requests from single mothers, caregivers, independent business owners and men whose wives are chronically ill.  These people are under a lot of stress and so they contract my services as a means of letting go and treating themselves.

Other people want and deeply desire tantra but they don’t fully understand what tantra is. They send me “novels” instead of a brief emails which to me is a “red flag” because it’s almost as if they are trying too hard to convince themselves and me that they are ready to jump in without having spoken to me on the phone or meeting me in person!

I’m not a guru and I truly don’t feel like conning anyone into the false idea that one or even several tantra sessions will shift you from previous abuse into a new paradigm of being victorious.

On the contrary I do believe if you personally have been molested or victimized or similarly violated emotionally and or sexually you need to visit a real counselor like a licensed psychiatrist or talk therapist first.

Sexual molestation is a very harmful blow to your psyche and I certainly don’t wish to trigger anyone who has been molested and hasn’t done some inner healing work first.

I know while reading these emails who is emotionally able to receive kundalini Shakti and who is lying to themselves by the way they express themselves through the written word. I also know that most sexual molestation victims typically can’t reach out on the phone to even talk to me in real time because they may not be ready to start the healing process just yet.

I do receive many earnest emails from new clients who won’t ever call me and that to me speaks volumes because if they can’t use their own throat chakra to express their goals and desires to me or anyone then their personal power is being blocked and it isn’t part of their truth to want a real shift or change to occur.

When I read emails I’m not expecting anyone to really follow through until I hear it in their voice first.¬† I can always tell who is ready to relax and be healed and who is just too nervous and kidding themselves .

I myself have had a few disappointments with psychic readers who just weren’t tapping into my consciousness. These readers might be great with other people who aren’t as self aware as I am but I do know what it’s like to seek real help and realize no one has the ability to fix me…I have to fix myself.

One tantra session with me will clear away some cobwebs of debris and make you feel more hopeful, motivated and refreshed; but then you yourself are responsible every day afterwards to pursue your own self healing journey, whether it’s counseling, journaling, self reiki, better diet, walks in nature or positive visualization.

Whenever anyone was traumatized I always suggest we meet eachother for coffee first and get together so I can take notes and ascertain what is the very best session I can offer to someone I don’t personally know. I will charge a small fee however because I’m a professional and I’d like to be honored for my time. The fee is nominal and is used as a deposit towards reiki, chakra balancing or tantra for a future session.

I do not feel it’s fair of anyone to expect me to give a free psychic healing or free consultation through email alone or a long phone conversation because it means the new client is feeling me out.¬† I can’t convince anyone that the time is right for a tantra ceremony or tantra massage.¬† I’m not dissuading anyone from plunging ahead but when I receive too much information in my first email from a complete stranger and no phone call after I respond to them then I know I’m being lied to.

Only a handful of people who have tried tantra before know that every teacher or tantra yogi presents their sessions individually and if the teacher is any good he or she will use their intuition along with a couple of goals from their new student as a guide.

If I suggest a meet and greet over coffee it’s because I do want to get to know you as a friend so that when we have our first tantra session you won’t be worried or self conscious or scared.

When I meet new guests for coffee it’s because I feel that person needs a nudge and because I feel that individual needs to vent and share more of their story with me.¬† I only charge $50 for our initial consultation fee and it’s used as a deposit towards any session you choose.

I also encourage everyone to read my website at least once so that they can ask me educated questions rather ask me what my fees are. My fees are determined by the session you choose.  I have many choices on my website from cuddle therapy to reiki to advanced tantra, to Goddess Worship.  I have basic sensual massage all the way up to a full day of spa tantra retreats for people who have the time and the budget.

My ideal candidate is anyone emotionally mature to enjoy a journey of chakra balancing, therapeutic bodywork, reiki, aromatherapy and kundalini tantra massage.¬† I do not solicit anyone who isn’t psychically ready because that’s a waste of time for everyone involved. I’m not a free, unpaid, advisor.¬† I am not obligated to continue emailing anyone who can’t simply pick up the phone and find ten minutes out of their day to talk to me like a mature adult.¬† I do not need to read your life’s history in order to give you a good healing.¬† I do understand it takes a lot of trust to begin any alternative healing journey and that’s why I recommend meeting me for a paid consultation if you have any doubt prior to meeting me.

I needed to write this article today because I do get frustrated and disappointed when new guests make prejudgments about my skillset or my motivations.¬† My motivation is to work with new clients who will benefit from my healing touch and who will appreciate and enjoy my services.¬† I do this work because I’m good at moving energy and I love healing through touch.¬† I do not however like being used as a free psychotherapist.¬† I do not need to read through lengthy emails from people who are fooling themselves and trying to fool me.¬† I do offer paid talk therapy and paid coffee consultations for anyone that has even a shred of doubt.

I hope this article helps you understand that tantra is just one of many healing paths to help you achieve self awareness and balance; but you yourself have to continue following your own path of magic and self love.

If you know you are ready for one of my tantra massage ceremonies here in Chicago please call me today at 312 339 7707.  If you want to meet me for coffee this week in Chicago or nearby suburbs I will work around your schedule and have a real time honest discussion with you so you can make an educated choice and give you advice.

My main website is so spend an hour reading it prior to calling me in person.  If you want to break the ice by sending me a brief email you can use my primary contact form or either of these email addresses:

Introduce yourself briefly using your real name so I know you are sincere and so I know you are a legitimate new student of tantra.

You do not need to send me your life story; in fact I discourage you from divulging too much information because part of our tantra ceremony will include us meeting together and chatting briefly before our tantra massage even begins in real time.  We will have ample time to talk about anything you wish once we have our first tantra session together.

Do not be worried if you do not have prior experience in energy work. You are contacting me because you are either curious about what tantra truly is or you’ve had tantra massage and you absolutely love it so you wish to repeat your positive experience with me as your guide.

I’d be delighted and excited to meet you here in Chicago which includes the suburbs of Schaumburg, O’hare, Oakbrook, Elk grove Village, Rosemont and the Magnificent Mile near River North.¬† I will travel anywhere to you within the city of Chicago or neighboring suburbs.

When you call me directly let me know who you are and briefly introduce yourself to me .  Everything we decide to do will be planned based on your time constraints, budget and personal goals.  FB_IMG_1557631910360

Establishing boundaries ūü¶ö between Client and Healer

IMG_20190417_172108_482When planning a session ahead of time plan on keeping your appointment as scheduled. If you repeatedly make a habit of showing up super early or late then consistently DEMAND that your practitioner accept your CHRONIC last minute changes you may find yourself without a healer.

This morning one of my longterm clients who suffers from self entitlement or what people call NARCISSISTIC tendencies showed up super early.

In a commanding and dominant voice he asked if I could see him at his now very early time. I was firm and polite and said he had arranged our time and that is the time we will stick with. He chose to punish me by canceling our session after I prepared everything and woke up early.

I fired him. He sent me numerous apologies via text. Again notice he doesn’t understand boundaries. He refuses to believe I won’t be issuing him anymore chances. He’s treated me this way before and he doesn’t respect other people so he’s been fired permanently.

He sent more messages but I’ll be blocking his number permanently.

When you commit to a time don’t continuously change the time REPEATEDLY then get angry at your healer for not complying. Everyone deserves to be honored and respected.

I’m all about flexibility and malleability but if a client is firm about a time and date then CONSISTENTLY makes a habit about showing up half an hour or 45 minutes early ALL THE TIME then that’s just irritating and annoying not to mention dishonoring because the only time table they seem to respect is their own.


Here’s to a bright new 2019 ‚ô°

Health goals

Hello everyone who happened to find my blog either out of happenstance or because you followed the link directly from my main website!

If you aren’t familiar with astrology I myself always loved reading up on both Eastern and Western astrology ever since I was a teenager and my enthusiasm for Occult studies, Astrology and the Paranormal never wanes instead just like the waxing of the new Moon my curiosity always grows.

During our new moon last week I made sure I focused on some new goals for myself so I lit a very special manifestation candle because candle magick is especially powerful and magically infused as the moon gains in strength.

I trimmed my wavy hair just a bit at the ends to promote healthier growth and I did some self marketing to increase the potential for new clients discovering my offerings online. I also realized that my physical health should be examined more closely. I tend to love sweets especially good chocolate so I did a bit of personal research and read up on the proper way that fruits should be consumed for optimal health and that fruit consumption should be strictly on an empty stomach!

I read up on how fruits are better absorbed when you eat them raw and always before any other food group never after. In other words fruit should be eaten as a dessert rather fruits should be eaten early in the day prior to any other meals you intend to consume. I’ve naturally followed this new diet regime and I must say not only does my stomach feel better but my skin seems to glow more!

Ginger, turmeric and carrot juice

I have also made more of an effort to drink more raw vegetables so it’s much easier to make sure my new health goals are met painlessly and with very little effect on my part.

Tonight and tomorrow our super moon will be in Virgo which translated into Layman’s terms simply means we’ll be shedding layers and unhealthy, unrealistic expectations of what we should be and just be easier on ourselves.

Part of this super moon energy will be our willingness to part ways with toxix situations and or people interfering in our progress to achieve self awareness and contentment. We will stop comparing ourselves to others and become more self accepting rather than materialistic.

This year is also the year of the Boar in Chinese astrology which to me is wonderful news because I was born during the year of the Goat and Boar, Goat and Rabbit make up a triad of creative, peace loving, and emotionally based signs that go very well together! I am prepared to see beautiful changes unfold for 2019 and I hope all of you reading this message will be more mindful of creating small, positive changes in your life rather than focusing on what you don’t have.

If you focus on tiny projects that you know you can potentially accomplish then the impossible goals that no longer serve you won’t seem that essential to your personal happiness.

Goddess Diana
I am always available for sponsorships to your city or you can schedule sacred time for yourself here in Chicago while I’m still here.

Questions & Answers with Goddess Diana

Q: What is Tantra?

A: A complete letting go or dissolving of
Ego. You can let down your facade with me
and be SEEN for who you really are.

I will consciously shift your energies into trance where time no longer exists.
You will be guided and redirected into the present moment.

Tantra transforms your corporeal body into the spiritual realm. Tantra is a balm for your soul, mind, body. Your physical body much like the Tree of Life is a temple of energy, sacred circles of light known as Chakra bodies.

Great focus and dedication to your Sacred body and Chakra bodies will be placed with my intuition and intentions.

Q: How will Tantra Heal me?

Sensual Sacred touch, Usui Reiki, Guided breathing coaching, anti-aging and anti inflammatory, Releasing of toxicity, production of Endorphines, destress, increases self awareness, increases blood flow and core metabolism.

Tantra Yoga can cure depression, stress, negative self programs, obesity and Chronic pain or illness.

Q: Is their Mutual touch?

A: During all my tantra ceremonies there is cuddling and spooning therapy. If you are not quite ready to explore tantra massage you are welcome to schedule me for an hour of energy work, somatic cuddling and breathing.

During my Goddess Worship ceremonies there will be guided instructions on mutual and Sacred, respectful and hesling touch. You may learn how to give a tantra massage to your partner and work with transforming touch with healing intentions.

My Question for you is when is it the best time for you to explore your Sacred Sexuality?

And my answer to you is when you feel comfortable having a real time conversation with me on the phone and when you are free of shyness and mental blocks.

You see…Tantra is not a Crutch or a Miracle Cure. You need to be prepared to share your goals with me and be reasonable about your expectations of our shared time together. One session may truly be all you need to motivate yourself on your journey towards self discovery but you may also benefit from occasional follow up sessions if you have longterm goals.

When you finally do reach out to me be prepared to give me a brief paragraph of what you are seeking and your real legal name. Introduce yourself to me …don’t hide behind an alias just be forthright about who you are and what you are truly seeking because if i feel i can’t be of help to you i will be honest with you and not waste your time or money. You don’t have to give me your full life story as I am not a psychologist but you can be honest about who you are and what your boundaries are prior to your first session with me.

My goal is to enable you to empower yourself and feel that creative spark come back to your body. You will need to be prepared emotionally to have a live connection and conversation with me on the phone or this won’t work for you. I do not want to communicate with you past one or two emails or text messages. You are either emotionally ready to openly communicate initially or we won’t connect well during our first session together.

I hope I have answered some key questions and if you wish to begin your journey now here is a link to my main tantra website
Goddess Diana
312 339 7707

Goddess Diana of Tantra Butterfly

Sensual massage in Chicago by Goddess Diana of tantra butterfly

Sensual Massage Offerings by Goddess Diana of Tantra Butterfly

Sometimes we just need to let go, surrender to touch and be allowed a few peaceful moments to ourselves. Sensual massage offers you the benefit of being truly touched,  truly recognized  and deeply healed without judgment,  self consciousness or the formality of a more conventional massage experience in  a public setting. During these sensual sessions I invite you to decompress and be in the moment of pure self indulgent sensuous touch and be nurtured back into a space of deeper peace with your own inner core and joy.  We all need to be in that space sometimes and these sessions are meant to be purely for you without expectations and without the need for talk if you truly just need to rest and be healed.

I now offer you the benefits of my¬†healing touch and my¬†sincere interest in your well being.¬† I offer you my vast knowledge of intuitive touch¬†and¬†¬†my intensive¬†skill¬†set¬†I carry with me from my¬†daily¬†practice of TantRa yoga,¬† lomi-lomi massage and my Reiki hands.¬† When you schedule your sensual massage with me here in Chicago you will be indulged, catered to and you will receive a special session with your needs in mind.¬† I am not following a “recipe” because you are unique.¬† Your body will dictate what rhythm I follow and I will listen to your body as I lay my hands on you.

Some times we just need to be still and unlike my other Tantra massage sessions my sensual massage will heal you on a slightly different level without the Tantra breathing instructions offered in my other ceremonies.  Perhaps you are not yet willing to try that leap into Tantra so this can be our initial introduction to each other and a time for you to get to know me or know yourself better. I will blend pure organic essential oils in my carrier oil for you to enjoy and sumptuous music will lull you into a place of comfort, wonder and surrender We can spend our time in shared silence or shared laughter the choice is yours and I am here to help you integrate body,  mind and spirit in a space of beauty and healing.

If you are a novice to sacred touch you can let down your guard with me because I will not judge your body nor will I expect you to know everything about alternative healing and energy work.
I do know the healing benefits of soft, sacred, non invasive touch can move energy blocks in your body and help you to empty your mind of worries.  If you are personally going through a period
of grieving and you feel as if a massage is the last thing you need or want let me assure you that soft gentle touches can free you.  I will be focusing on your physical and spirit bodies as we pass time together and if you need to talk beforehand about a matter that concerns you I am a good listener.  I do have experience in grief counseling and I do know how it feels to lose more than one loved on within months of each other.  I can help you go through your period of grief or transition with grace.

Touch moves mountains and clears your mind.  As you relax and take in some of the smells of my essential oils you can let go and I will even guide you to take in an occasional deep breath and help you stay in the moment with me rather than allowing you to let worry take you over.  Sensual massage is just one modality that leads you to meditation and better health.
I would be honored to take you on that Sacred journey.

Goddess Diana of
Sensual Healer honoring Individuals seeking a Sensual and Sacred Journey and Couples who seek intimacy and understanding
Certified Therapist, Energy worker and Tantric Educator
A Specialist in Unconditional Love*

Journey with me
Cellular Contact : 312-339-7707
The following paragraph is a Disclaimer:

I DO NOT ENGAGE IN SEXUAL INTERCOURSE as part of my Tantric practice with any of my students. I have a deep respect for other men and women in my field who do offer the full Kama Sutra experience; but I myself choose to remain celibate as a means of extending my own energy and integrity during each of my sessions. I practice a combination of toning exercises, deep breathing, eye/soul
gazing, and Tantra massage but I am not an “escort” service. I can create an ecstatic and harmonious experience for you during our shared time as we Co create Sacred Space but sexual intercourse is not included during our ceremonies.

Best way to contact me is my cell phone please no text messages just call me 312-339-7707
Via email
View complete information here
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Goddess Diana
Join my network on LinkedIn by finding me under my legal name Diana Grossman tantra educator at camouflage butterfly
Not ready to fully commit? Kindly schedule a phone conversation for $50 or a meet and greet personal coffee consultation and share your concerns with me before enjoying your first session.¬† You can ask me personal questions and or express your desires and goals with me ūüíďFB_IMG_1528928264270

Enjoy an out call tantra massage in your hotel ūüŹ® in Chicago

Are you visiting Chicago for  a conference or personal trip?  I cater to business professionals who would prefer for me to visit their private space as an out call tantra massage provider in any area of Chicago especially the gold coast and River North.  It is my pleasure to work with you in the privacy of your own space and I will have my personal care kit with me for your out call massage which includes various essential oils,  crystals and incense.  You do not have to worry about anything because I love providing a special tantra massage in your home or hotel.

Once you contact me by phone (312) 339-7707 simply provide me with your name,  your goals,  your budget and your address in Chicago and I will make plans to head your way.  If you need a session in Chicago immediately I suggest you send a Lyft or Uber directly to me and I will not charge you an out call fee.  Sometimes you may have very little notice especially if you are in Chicago for a convention.  You are here in Chicago for a reason which is work and I truly understand that so if you find yourself with free time at the last minute just call me directly, send an uber my way and I can take care of my traveling expenses back.  I will not ask you for any additional out call fees; I would simply prefer to make your time as relaxing  and stress fee as possible.

You may have jet lag.  You may be pressed for time.  You may love to be in your own environment.  You may want to simply fall asleep directly after your massage so ideally you want someone as professional as I am to be your perfect tantra guide and out call massage provider in Chicago.

All that yummy energy we shared together co creating¬†Sacred Space will be in your own private hotel room and you will be able to drift off to sleep with the subtle scents of lavender, lemon and sage essential oil on your sheets and pillow cases.¬† My mission¬†as an out¬†call massage provider is to keep you calm¬† and balanced.¬† Your body will instantly feel loved and embraced.¬† The positive energies we share together will be left with you and when it comes time for me to leave you don’t have to worry because you are already in bed and you will wake up completely vibrant and recharged for you business meetings the next day.

I consider myself to be quite intuitive and with my 16 plus years of experience as a licensed tantra professional I think you will be delightfully pleased not only with the sensual touch but with my knowledge of Chakras,  three dimensional breath and the blending of essential aroma blends.

All your senses will be engaged and every inch of your body will be catered to and explored.  I truly take my time and work my massage strokes in slow motion.  I will use my hands to electrify your Chakras and hover over your body.  Your body will be hypnotized and you will both be deeply relaxed and awakened to sensual pleasure.

My sessions include¬†a short instruction on how to properly breathe from your stomach and diaphragm and¬†this is called rebirthing breath or Holistic three dimensional breath.¬† When you¬†breathe with me you send a signal to your central nervous system that you are relaxed and serene.¬† You will no longer hold onto any negative emotion that does not serve you.¬† The breath keeps¬†you here in the moment with me and you will not be aware of time passing you by.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†A three hour massage session with me might feel more like an hour¬†if you are on “tantra time”.

Tantra time is an opportunity for you to let down your guard, turn your cell phone off and keep your thoughts clear.  Ideally you will not be thinking of anything nor will you be judging yourself or anticipating an outcome or goal.  The benefit of clearing your mind is that your body will adjust itself automatically and your energy will shift where it needs to shift.  When I work on your sexual energy your deep breath acts like an ocean and carries these  sensual vibrations throughout your entire physical and spiritual bodes known asChakras or wheels.  You will amplify your own Kundalini energy normally dormant during its resting state and you will safely increase your psychic abilities as you patiently breathe in and out.

I will train you to have more control over your sexual stamina and at the same time your metabolism will be increased if we successfully interact with the breath.  I am very patient with teaching beginners introductory tantra just as much as  I take my time with each of your muscle groups when I apply trigger point massage to your body.  My belief is that sexual energy travels more efficiently and is more beneficial if you have a pain free body first so no tightness in your body will be left unexplored.

Give me enough advanced notice so I can prepare ahead of time or simply provide me with a driver if you can¬†not provide me with any notice.¬† I love spontaneity and I will always be open to your call.¬† Sometimes I feel it’s just perfect *Kismet* when I happen to be moments away from your hotel just by accident.

Never feel shy about inviting a trained massage professional to your home or hotel in Chicago.¬†¬† I am on linkedin, facebook, twitter and have many wonderful testimonials on my website at¬† I own two¬†blogs and I am well traveled so I am used to setting up sacred space in hotels everywhere and at a moment’s notice or with advanced planning.
I look forward to being your Tantra massage out call massage provider here in Chicago

Goddess Diana
(312) 330-7707
Reiki Master
Certified Tantra Educator
Couples Tantra Coach
Massage Instructor
Tour Guide
Massage¬†Therapist and hopefully a friend¬† ‚ôě

Goddess Diana of
Sensual Healer honoring Individuals seeking a Sensual and Sacred Journey and Couples who seek intimacy and understanding
Certified Therapist, Energy worker and Tantric Educator
A Specialist in Unconditional Love*

Journey with me
Cellular Contact : 312-339-7707

The following paragraph is a Disclaimer:

I DO NOT ENGAGE IN SEXUAL INTERCOURSE as part of my Tantric practice with any of my students. I have a deep respect for other men and women in my field who do offer the full Kama Sutra experience; but I myself choose to remain celibate as a means of extending my own energy and integrity during each of my sessions. I practice a combination of toning exercises, deep breathing, eye/soul
gazing, and Tantra massage but I am not an “escort” service. I can create an ecstatic and harmonious experience for you during our shared time as we Co create Sacred Space but sexual intercourse is not included during our ceremonies.

Tantra massage in Chicago ūüíď and reasons to engage in tantra

If you have not already engaged in your first tantra massage or sensual massage here in Chicago I would be honored to have you try your first session of sacred healing touch with me soon.  I have been a firm believer all my life that heart healing, nurturing touch and erotic massage is essential to help you feel more alive and creative.  I have lived in Chicago most of my life and I try to get at least one deep tissue massage a month for myself since I am doing physical work.  All forms of massage are good for your productivity and feeling of completeness.

My sensual massage and tantra massage sessions here in Chicago will include a thorough cleansing of all your CHAKRAS,  sound healing,  lomi lomi massage, deep tissue trigger point massage and Tantra Yoga.  Have you visited my site yet?  I specialize in erotic and sensual healing in Chicago and my primary site is .   I have articles on the subject of Tantra Yoga,  a page full of testimonials,  gallery photos I have taken since 2005 and videos you might find interesting.

My techniques in alternative healing is always evolving.  I never want all my sessions to be duplicates I want to get to know you and your unique journey before we even have our first session together so I always encourage new guests to fill out the contact form on the front page of my website

I want to know what you are expecting from our first Tantra massage experience together and I want to know if you are passing by and are visiting Chicago or if you consider yourself a permanent resident.  I welcome all genders and I feel better having an in depth conversation with you over the phone so I can meet your goals.

Of course energy work is a form of healing personal trauma and I do have a lot of experience working with men or women who¬†have been victimized as children.¬† I suggest investing two to three hours of your time with me if you wish to try a traditional tantra ceremony with me here in Chicago because I’d love that extra time exploring who you are and it takes¬†a couple of hours for you to simply relax and let¬†go.

I¬†am a patient teacher but I do have my boundaries so before your initial contact with me email me here –> or¬†here —–>¬†

Let me know your real name,¬† your occupation,¬† what drove you to my website,¬† what goals you wish to accomplish and your time constraints and budget.¬†¬† I am on linkedin, twitter, facebook and Google.¬† I have definitely been around for a long time and earned a Certificate from Source¬†School of Tantra up to Level III.¬†Even though I am a Certified tantra educator I have a long history of being a sensual muse since age 23 and I have never lost my enthusiasm for maintaining my healing practice.¬† I want to continue on this path until the day I retire and I’d love to be available as a personal tantra coach here in Chicago and other cities when I take my travels and tantra elsewhere.

I want everyone to try a sensual exploration at least once in their life and I will not limit you to just sensual touch I will expand your capacity to feel greater love for your own sensual power.  When two people are engaged in sacred touch or intimate healing there is a positive flow of energies that circulate from one being to the next.  Once you find your inner core and your own ability to heal your body you become a healing vessel for others to appreciate touch.

Come join me for Tantra Education and¬† Couples Tantra Coaching here in Chicago,¬† O’hare and Schaumburg, Illinois while I am still here.¬† We can plan a couple hours or a full day of sensual massage, erotic massage, tantra yoga and reiki that will leave you¬†feeling fed and nourished.

Do not forget to visit my website first  My tantra website has been written by me solely and it is an ever evolving process during my career as a healer.  I wish to attract thoughtful people with open hearts who just want to experience a profound change energetically.  Changes come slowly.  So many people think that just one session will determine how they view tantra.  It is not sound to put all your eggs in one basket.  If you are overweight and out of shape tantra is one way to rev up your metabolism and get your chakras in balance but tantra DOES NOT REPLACE exercise and sound eating and drinking choices.  One tantra session is a tool or a gateway for you reach inside of yourself and start moving forward in a positivedirection but you must also engage in daily breathing exercises by yourself and practice tantra massage with your friends or lovers or partner.  You should not just enjoy one tantra massage a year or keep jumping fromone person to the next.  If you really trust someone stick with that teacher and practice daily by yourself or with a partner.  If you expect one session to heal all your old wounds you will be grossly unhappy.

Always keep trying to work on yourself and expanding your energy in a positive direction.  We all regress and we all go through periods of self doubt or challenges.  Use your challenges to strengthen your character and explore new realms of healing.

Goddess Diana
Tantra Educator in Chicago and many other cities within the United States
Contact information

View my site first
Fill out my contact form and send me an email about yourself and your goals
Call me when you have decided on a session and if you have additional questions AFTER perusing my website carefully.
If you are a MARRIED COUPLE and you are indecisive I do offer phone consultations at $50 for an hour of my time over the phone or a meet and greet in person over coffee so you can take your time.  If you know you would love a session as a couple a deposit is a good way of securing the exact time and date of our first tantra session in Chicago.  All couples sessions will take place in YFB_IMG_1526324100371

OUR home, condo or hotel.

I hope I have answered all your questions and that you are encouraged to have a true tantra massage or sensual massage in Chicago with me soon!  Sensual touch and Tantra is NOT FOR ENTERTAINMENT ONLY.  You will see a difference in your body.  You will have a glow.  You will react to the energies.  Your chakras will respond to sound, sight, smell and touch.  I use the highest grade of organic essential oils and you will feel completely different afterwards so drinking a lot of good water is strongly recommended after our session is over.  Your body will continue to process energies for days afterwards and you will need to drink more water than normal to flush out your body of toxins and lactic acid buildup.  You want to drink distilled or Spring water and no less than eight servings of water each day so you do not feel sluggish after our session is over.  You are fully responsible to take GOOD CARE OF YOUR BODY after we part ways.  Water is especially important after Reiki, Tantra Yoga and chakra balancing has taken place.

Goddess Diana of
Sensual Healer honoring Individuals seeking a Sensual and Sacred Journey and Couples who seek intimacy and understanding
Certified Therapist, Energy worker and Tantric Educator
A Specialist in Unconditional Love*

Journey with me
Cellular Contact : 312-339-7707

The following paragraph is a Disclaimer:

I DO NOT ENGAGE IN SEXUAL INTERCOURSE as part of my Tantric practice with any of my students. I have a deep respect for other men and women in my field who do offer the full Kama Sutra experience; but I myself choose to remain celibate as a means of extending my own energy and integrity during each of my sessions. I practice a combination of toning exercises, deep breathing, eye/soul
gazing, and Tantra massage but I am not an “escort” service. I can create an ecstatic and harmonious experience for you during our shared time as we Co create Sacred Space but sexual intercourse is not included during our ceremonies.

Decriminalize sacred sensuality ūüź¶

Hello! My name is Diana Lynn Grossman , shapeshifter ūüźľ playful muse¬† ¬†reiki master, and psychic, alternative healer for over twenty five years and proud to be a part of the sexual industry.

I have a sweet tooth, adore my cuddly pets, am playful, and strongly passionate about working with a select few of incredibly sensitive and consciously aware individuals who accidentally find my website while seeking a tantra massage in Chicago!

Lately the government has passed a new law which has shut down many adult oriented websites such as Backpage, the massage sections of Craigslist, cityvibe, foxylist, the erotic reviw in the united states and many others I may have left out.

This new law will criminalize any adult message board forum or certain adult content advertising portals and hold them legally responsible for sex trafficking!

I am strongly against sex trafficking but now sex workers have lost a viable and safe option for advertising their services online indefinitely unless you the general public decide to get involved and pass laws decriminalizing sex related fields and finding new healthier options to keep escorts and sex workers educated, safe, regulated and legalized.

I propose any woman or man who is truly excited to teach sexual education or offer healing massages or escort services be screened for mental and physical health including a criminal background check to see if they are emotionally prepared to create sacred space for their potential clients.

Potential clients will also be pre screened by the government prior to a sensual encounter and they will also go through the same rigorous testing to make sure they are disease free and of sound mind before being eligible to hire a sex worker.

My proposal will benefit everyone creating mutual rules, boundaries and self respect.¬† Sex workers will be regulated and licensed with free health insurance benefits and increases in salary based on their client’s feedback and positive reviews.

Clients who act harmfully or disrespectfully towards any escort or sex surrogate will be penalized and subject to counseling until they are deemed harmless to any sex worker they choose to employ.


Sex workers must take classes in alternative healing, abnormal pychology, classes in tantra yoga and traditional massage therapy modalities.  Sex workers will take new classes every  year and earn more money based on their increased skill set rather than their good looks and youth.  The younger, more inexperienced sex workers first starting out will earn less but they will have the potential to grow income based on good reviews and the willingness to take on extra classes in alternative healing and traditional bodywork like chakra balancing.

Each month, sex workers will go through a health check preventing any unforeseen illness or STD.  Every sex worker must also pass a drug test to ensure they are clear headed and emotionally fit to heal others.

Every sex worker will have gracious tax deductions for being independent contractors and their tax dollars will go to their retirement fund and health insurance because they are providing a needful service to anyone who is touch starved or going through marital challenges.

As the sex worker ages he or she will go through a fully subsidized retraining program meaning they can now be trained to become sex educators in schools, lead tantra yoga retreats or go into a completely brand new career with free housing until they are fully capable of embarking on a brand new career path.

Does this sound fair and comforting to all of you? Would you like to see these new ideas being implemented soon?  Please support your sex workers and fight the new bill that has been passed.  Sex workers typically love what they do!  Let us be respected, honored, adored, educated and legalized so we can finally be protected by the law rather than violated and raped by law makers who have not given this new law serious thought.  We want to protect our civil liberties not destroy what we have fought so hard to uphold!

Get in contact with Congress and legalize sacred sensuality ūüź¶large