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♼ What exactly happens during Your first Tantra Session? ♻

First of all I do follow a “recipe” and I do not both at the same time. If you over think what may or may not happen during your first tantra session you may not fully understand that there is no thinking involved but there is an awakening of all latent energy and trapped trauma. I find that it’s best to follow a simple process of connection, breathing, mutual touch and open communication.

I encourage everyone for the first time to ask me as many questions as they wish. You can ask me why we are singing together or why we are breathing so deeply. Most people don’t realize that 60% of our “panic” attacks are caused by breathing improperly and breathing too shallow. Shallow breathing translates into muscular pain in your diaphragm and when you connect with me I will make sure to slow down your breathing pace for every touch you receive.

The breathing is the key ingredient and if you start this practice every day it will be a new practice that gradually becomes easier so you will naturally breathe deeply every time you receive a tantra healing or a sports massage. Breathing facilitates complete oxygenation of your body’s cells and when you learn to breathe deeply you will feel warmth and tingling everywhere in your body. I have seen people shake a bit and this is trapped energies that have remained stagnant but during a tantra yoga session your energy is free to roam everywhere and you will literally feel a vibratory “tingle” that will permeate from the tips of your toes through the roof of your mouth!

Don’t over stress about what will or what will not happen. What ever happens is your unique response to your body’s ability to process kundalini energy. Use your sexual energy to regain your sense of grounding. Use your energy to activate all muscles and chakras in your physical and spiritual body by breathing and keeping your mind free of clutter.

Talk therapy can also be a part of our shared time together. It’s only natural and healing for you to release pent up feelings and I encourage beginners to share anything that should crop up as your memories are triggered.

Goddess Diana


Tantra is cooperation and flexibility ♡❤♡

Tantra is not a rigid arena — Tantra is a playful seduction of letting yourself go without any self judgments and without any expectations. You say you want to become Tantric? Do you always have to have YOUR way or can YOU be more flexible and positive? Can you change your plans at the drop of a hat or are you always Wanting to control the people in your life?

The more we study and practice tantra yoga the more we realize it’s not about what we can get but what we can mutually learn from each other. I approach each tantra session as a mutual arena and opportunity for play. It is not about ME and it’s not about YOU– it’s about US.
We exchange energies therefore we learn what buttons to push or not to push. You have a chance to learn more about your body and how your body reacts to mutual healing and breathing.

We might not be able to breathe in and out at the same pace but once we calm our minds and slowly match our energies we can focus on how similar we are and we become ONE unit and one main source of SHARED energy. IN time the breathing practice will become so organic and natural to you that you won’t be thinking about having to breathe while receiving and giving touch; you will feel this natural desire to take in a breath of air every time you sense a reaction in your body.

I like to think of tantra yoga and tantra massage as a pure transference of energy and there is no need for control and there is no right or wrong way to touch because we make the rules as we share and participate together. I want you to give me feedback because I am NOT you but I deeply desire to get to know you as we share sacred space.

When you think upon the idea of sacred space truly there is no such law that states that sacred space MUST be in one’s home or sacred temple. I can make any space sacred with my intentions, focus and positive affirmations. We together Co Create sacred space with the intentions of combining our energies, our chakras and our hearts to create shared harmony and unconditional love.

You can spend time at your friend’s home and create Sacred Space simply by being filled with Gratitude. The act of being deeply grateful leads to openness and abundance because you are acknowledging the blessings of what you already have therefore you are attracting more love to you based on your open spirit.

No matter where you are and no matter what hotel you are in even when you travel on a plane you are in solely responsible for your outlook and your open heart. You can practice gratitude and self healing affirmations when you are in line at the bank!

Change your outlook on what a Tantra Ceremony must be or SHOULD BE because there is no wrong time to cherish yourself and honor your boundaries. Chant your first and middle name aloud and empower yourself in a mantra of a state of positive being. Shout out all your positive traits and why others should honor you and find you Sacred. We all have some wonderful qualities and we can take time out each day to call upon our higher power and acknowledge ourselves for our gifts. If we can recognize ourselves as being all powerful and capable of positive changes then we begin to really believe we can have anything we wish because we do deserve it!

Sacred Space is you. Sacred Space is any environment you experience and any locale you trespass. The magic is within you not the Temple Space itself. Be kind to yourself and be kind to your own Temple –your own physical body does so much for you already and be grateful for what you already have because we only have the present to enjoy!

Goddess Diana
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Be youthful (indefinitely) just engage in a Tantra Ceremony and Rejuvenate!

You saw the title and why would I have any reason to LIE to any of you! What is the Key ingredient we need to survive besides nurturing tenderness and water? Guess… it’s Oxygen!
I can’t help but notice that at the very closure of any of my tantra ceremonies my face is flushed and I am GLOWING as much as my client’s face. Apparently there is something right I am doing!

The key ingredient that makes a Tantra session profound is the act of BREATHING slowly and deeply into your heart while being touched and feeling pleasure. It’s not enough to be simply “aroused”. Anyone can be aroused just by staring at someone you find attractive or being touched in a very sensual and teasing way. The art of having profound waves of full orgasmic Bliss is by learning how to properly breathe the bliss EVERYWHERE simultaneously into your body while unconsciously absorbing some delicious energies.

Energy is more deeply felt when you can hypnotize your body into a state of trance. Trance mind is achieved when you QUIET your mind and fully focus on the weight of your body on your bed and focus on the temperature of your core, the temperature of the air around you and the sounds of musical chords or complete silence. No matter what you do the BREATH brings you back into your BODY and you are in the MOMENT.

Oxygen feeds our sexual energy and feeds our cells. It’s like a face lift when you feel so much joy and breathe so deeply you pulsate with aliveness and decrease years off your face. The act of breathing alleviates stress, disease, panic disorder and aging. Indulging in a Tantra massage is akin to going to a full day at the “Spa” and you will notice your aura is so much lighter and you will become a lot more approachable because your aura and your heart are more “open” to receiving.

You will attract more love to you. You will feel quietly calm and safe and you will feel young and vital.

Enjoy life and be touched!

Goddess Diana
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The simple steps that keep you fully present for your Tantra partner ❤

Diana O66 eros magicI am going to make this simple for all of you to digest. Here is the ideal way to be completely in tune with your partner or your teacher.

The easiest thing one can do is get adequate rest. Yes rest and do not drink alcohol or smoke pot before you decide you want to engage with your partner. Don’t cheat yourself and don’t fool yourself into believing that alcoholic beverages or any type of drug will put you in the right frame of mind for relaxation therapy.

Any drug you take places you at the risk of not only “deadening” and numbing out your energy but being “out of it”. You want to be completely awake but calm before you decide to touch your partner or work with your tantra teacher.

Drugs distance us from energy and distance us from being able to really read and interpret body language. We don’t want interference or “distortion” to block us from being able to really be present for our partners so my advice is you stay alert but calm and speak in hushed tones but use clear inflection when communicating with your tantra partner.

There are going to be times where there is complete silence. Don’t be afraid of the silence instead connect with your partner’s breathing patterns and when you place your hands over your partner’s stomach be mindful not to place too much pressure on their body you simply want to “support” their breathing by being very gentle on their inhalation and then using gentle pressure as they exhale.

Be ready for constructive criticism and encourage the input and feedback. Make your partner feel safe enough to engage in complete communication without them fearing you will judge then or be upset. This is your shared session and this is a joint venture for both of you to get to know each other during a state of connection and trance.

Tantra yoga is a gentle balance of energy healing, deep breathing, concentrated touch and intention. Before the session even begins you may decide you wish to state your intentions verbally and then you may wish to engage in eye contact for a full fifteen minute period just so you both feel comfortable with each other and acknowledge each other fully.

Being present is so simple. Blank out your mind while you are in session. Healing means we leave our worries behind. In order to truly heal and create opportunities for shared growth you need to let go of expectations and disappointments. Don’t worry about work …keep your phone shut off and make sure your clock is off. Don’t be concerned if the session runs over the deadline. You want to make sure your partner knows how very important THEY ARE and you don’t want to rush them into relaxation or keep a time clock on.

Time is a valuable commodity and you sharing your time and energy and focus is the most healing transference of love you can exchange.

It is a beautiful Christmas and DO you Love yourself completely?

Funny I have this odd habit of reading poetry where ever I can find it. I can find poetry scribbled on art work at galleries; I can find poetry in the bathroom stalls written in night clubs and I find the saddest poetry on If I search for it. I read a sad little message today. Someone wrote the following… ” Bah humbug…I can’t wait for this day to be over…christmas without you ….”
Wow! I mean right now I am “dating” anyone nor am I in love with anyone or craving anyone I am just in “travel mode” which means I have the traveling jones and I am just grateful I am avoiding winter and the cold that comes with.
Being here in the now is where it truly is at. I am in the NOW today and I am in the NOW on New Year’s Eve and Yes I do have regrets and I do wish I could travel in this huge time machine and avoid making tragic mistakes I made when I was younger but I never regret spending holidays in serenity whether I am with people or by myself enjoying the company of my pets.
I guess I am lucky because I don’t have to have someone special in my life to feel complete although having a someone special is always going to be even more fun I just don’t understand why anyone would wish the day away if their loved one is gone for the holidays or they are in between relationships.
I am in a relationship with myself. As trite as that sounds I can find so many wonderful things to do like walk around the french Quarter and eat out with my dog just relaxing, taking photos of flowers and having random conversations with people I meet.

Tantra is about the NOW. Are you having a Good relationship with yourself NOW? I know some people are even afraid of going to a good play or movie all by themselves. Maybe they feel there is some stigma attached to be completely alone but it’s when you are alone that you are in the NOW. Consciously have that ongoing relationship with yourself. Are you only happy with a partner? Are you only happy in large gatherings where you know you will be seen?

I tend to be happiest when I have time to myself but SURROUNDED by people so if I wish to interact and be SOCIAL the option is there but if I wish to hide away and retreat and just take some steps away that option is there.

I love being alone. I only hope that if anyone reading this today is alone for Christmas they are finding ways to make this day special. What is so bad about being alone? Just place both hands around your heart center and send your heart a sacred smile. It’s okay to cry if you have to. Have a good cry if there is some trigger to this Holiday that makes you wonder about a lost love. Have that cry and get it out of your system… Hold onto your heart as you cry and send only unconditional love to that child inside of you that is misunderstood or ignored or treated unfairly.

You have the whole day to love yourself. You have the whole day to lick your wounds or create or destroy or let go of anything or anyone in your life that no longer brings you the joy and caring you deserve. Time to get rid of old habits or people that don’t appreciate you. We have gifts…appreciate any gift you have that consoles you whether it is a fondness for painting or literature or sports. Delve into anything that makes you feel comforted today. Today it’s not about how many lovers you have or how many friends invited you to parties. Today is about self awareness, self healing and self preservation. You can enjoy this day and be grateful that you are still on this journey to learn and grow and experience new arenas.

If today brought you pain be grateful because we learn from pain. If you ended up missing someone special then try and figure out what that person did for you that made you feel so loved. Can you send that same unconditional love to yourself without guilt?

Merry X-mas everyone! May you continue to heal any parts of yourself and accept your flaws without any embarrassment. flower etching

Tantra in New Orleans an opportunity to Re open new doors and explore

Tantra does not appeal to everyone. Some states are more open to trying this experience because they were conditioned differently and I believe everyone should try tantra yoga at least ONCE in their lifetime. I know there is always going to be fear associated with tantra yoga. Maybe you had one or two or three bad experiences with other people but did you ever stop to think your body might not have been able to handle the intense energies?

Before you decide to try a tantra healing ceremony you need to be honest with yourself. Do you have goals that you trying to establish for yourself? Do you want to pleasure your partner differently? Hold on a second there! If you honestly do not know the kegel muscle exercises and the breathing techniques that might halt your progress.

Let’s slow down for a minute. What if you only goal is simply to be authentically YOU? What if you decide YOU deserve to lay back, breathe, be in the moment and SURRENDER? How can you be able to give a tantra yoni healing to your partner if you yourself are too frightened of being the STAR in your own GALAXY?

YOU ARE A STAR AND YOU DESERVE TO SHINE!!! I always suggest people see me for my beginner’s tantra ceremony. Be honest with me and be honest with yourself! Are you on medication? Medication won’t get in the way of your enjoyment nor will it affect your ability to perceive your own energies. Medication might affect your circulation and blood flow so you might receive different results but you can still empower yourself and be more self aware and self confident when you see first hand what tantra yoga feels like running rampant in your body.

Some people get cold feet. They think this might ideally be something that will open closed doors for them. They feel tantra yoga is a gateway to bliss that will unlock some secret door. Here is the secret. You have all the keys to unlocking the door already even if you never engage in a tantra healing ceremony. When the time is right you will know. If your body is shut down however you can still receive SOME benefit from tantra but you might be more patient with yourself and set up mini sessions until you gain enough confidence to practice tantra with your partner.

The goal of tantra is NOT be a more masterful lover but the REAL goal is to enhance your abilities to perceive what energy is. We have stored energy all the time waiting to be explored. We want to learn techniques that will teach us how to trust in our abilities to be more sensate to energy.

We all experience road blocks. If everything were good all the time we might not explore other skills we have. We might not question our abilities. My ultimate goal is to of course enhance your ability to last longer in a sustained state of bliss and TO HELP YOU HEAL FROM THE INSIDE OUT!!!!

We all have an inner core. We were all born with special gifts. Tantra yoga is a way for you to travel inwards and expand your consciousness. Tantra is a weaving of energy and your interaction with other people. You can numb yourself out only for so long before your body starts to feel real, raw, physical pain. Day in and day out we have goals and the body endures only so much stress before you get tired and run down.

When you get judgmental, jaded and run down run don’t walk to your nearest tantra healer. The heart shuts down when it is not honored. If you feel yourself worrying constantly and wondering if you are ever going to achieve your goals that is the perfect time for a bit of reiki energy work and or some tantra work.

What people do not understand is that TANTRA YOGA and Tantra massage are valid modalities to charge up your energy. We are energetic beings having a RAW PHYSICAL experience on the EARTH plane. We need love , we need nurturing we need cuddling. Use your own raw, sexual power to heal all the chakras in your body! Tantra sexual energy is the most raw but simple act of self love and when you learn to connect your sexual power centers with all your chakras you find yourself becoming more open but more intuitive.

Compassion is something that we need to give ourselves daily. If you see yourself growing impatient with your friends or colleagues over the phone or in simple conversation that indicates to me that you have grown impatient with your own needs. When you feel deep compassion for yourself it shows in the way you communicate and in your touch.

I hope to see you in New Orleans, Louisiana. I am here for the winter season and I hope to be one of tantra guides on your journey no matter how short or how long.
It’s NOT the destination or how quickly you get there it’s about continuity, humility and compassion no matter where you are spiritually, physically and emotionally ♡❤blue door in uptown

Tantra and Traveling and Escaping out of yourself ♬♫♪

Diana retro harlow red couchHello everyone! Well since I left the city of Chicago October 1st I have been offering tantra in New York city, Boston, Cambridge Ma, and NOW I am in Indianapolis, Indiana on my way to head over to New Orleans, Louisiana. Life is about Journeying and having fun! How on earth will we ever meet new people unless we venture out of our comfort zones anyway?
I have been setting up sacred space, introducing new guests to tantra and enjoying new sights with my pets since October 1st. I am not a fan of winter so it was my personal decision to choose New Orleans, Louisiana to spend the winter season and hopefully get reintroduced to the culture there since I love historical architecture and the slower paced lifestyle of the South in general.
Boston was wonderful. I met so many kind and creative people in Boston and I do not regret venturing out of Chicago for these experiences. I do get scared when I leave Chicago since Chicago is what I KNOW and I have lived most of my younger life and adult life in the city without ever relying on a car. However I like to shake things up in my life and it gives me such a thrill to live on the edge like this.
Tantra is about taking chances and exploration. What defines YOU? Do you define yourself by your ability to make good friends or are you more of an Isolationist and you like to get things done for yourself without relying on others?
Tantra is a bit of both. Tantra explores WHO YOU ARE AND HOW YOU DEFINE YOURSELF! We grow as we explore our sensual nature. What ever it is that you are good at Tantra will improve the flow of your life because you learn to breathe and when you breathe you activate NOT just your sexual energy but you activate your intuition.
I can’t say everyone feels something the first time they see me for a session but most people who are sensitive to touch and energy will shift layers only on ONE session. I breathe and chant with my dog daily and I practice pranayama daily so when we concentrate on the the breath we are focusing on the present .
It is a challenge for everyone these days just to live in the moment. Sometimes people have a tendency to be on a very tight schedule when they see me. They might have to pick up a child at violin or soccer practice. Their phone might be left on just in case their partner has an emergency. I wish people could just let a little bit more when they see me. My sessions are reasonably priced but the information and experiences that can be experienced is profound if you can LET GO of all external influences, worries and thoughts.
Tantra YOGA is after all YOGA. This is not some random silly excuse to a sensual flirt or tease this is actual CONCRETE healing profound energy work and I want everyone to get the most out of our time together.
It’s not fair to you and it’s not fair to me to keep a cell phone on. You deserve a treat.
Tantra massage and Tantra Yoga are healing tools. I heal myself profoundly each time I give a session. Yes I might go through states of worry, anxiety and panic during the day but this is a normal progression when you are reaching to Bliss. Tantra massage and Tantra YOGA are bliss explorations. You Test YOURSELF. You keep pushing your comfort level on what you might wish to learn and explore. You learn more about yourself. You learn how to touch someone with true intention.
Some clients who visited me for Goddess Worship were under the false assumption that this work is easy. NO it’s not easy. You are going to learn how to breathe maybe for the first time in your life. You are going to learn how to breathe, slow down your pace with you r lover, touch with heart intention and honor your beloved. Goddess worship is about making your lover feel so special she is empowered and energy is released in a very positive flow that makes both of you feel more trust and relaxation. There is a shared glow, a shared trust, a shared love and devotion that follows.
I am here in the moment enjoying my 2 day stay here in Indianapolis and I intend to attract the right people who might appreciate me. If I don’t attract the right people then simply it was not meant to be but trust me I learned something anyway. This is the first time I drove in a car with a complete stranger who became a really good friend to me and my pets. Tyler picked me up in Boston just two days ago and he fit me, my belongings, my pets and pet food in his tiny mini cooper. He writes an online blog that involves his own personal journey and he is also a great web designer. Both of us were excited to travel on this journey together that will eventually end in New Orleans. We are both staying with his friends Bre and Leslie in Indianapolis and I have had so much fun laughing, getting a bit of work and simply walking my dog in a new neighborhood.
I have lead a Tantra lifestyle ever since I knew how to talk. What is Tantra to you? Tantra is energy it’s not some cute catch phrase for sexual awareness it is YOU. We have one life we have many lifetimes to uncover what we need and want. Just shake off your fears and be in the moment.
I intend to relish every moment. My intention for you is that you let go of your fears and be prepared to experience tingling, joy, shaking, fear, panic the whole gamut of who you are.
I hope I meet you where ever you are in your life. And I hope I continue to travel for many years to come and be in this field that brings me so much joy and challenges.
Goddess Diana
I even offer personalized phone readings if you can’t see me in person. Enjoy your life. Spend your days wisely and travel more. Travel outside. Try tantra yoga once and take a break from it for a while but I bet you when you reach out and try tantra again it will carry a different meaning for you. 

The time is ripe for Travel and yes I am here again in (Boston) ❤♡

Have you grown up, lived, found work, made good friends and REMAINED in the SAME city all your life? Have you never desired to explore another country or had wanderlust? Besides taking a short vacation outside of your city have you ever wondered why you are stuck feeling the same and accomplishing the same goals?
What does security mean to you? Do you place financial stability, workplace stability above romance or exploration? Some people are dedicated to their work. They feel strong passion about being seen in a certain light. They maintain a high profile job and they keep their appearances up but eventually their shine is gone. Eventually they find that after a series of broken plans with their beloveds there isn’t anyone around them anymore that they can truly count on because they did not participate in life like they should have.
It’s hard to find balance. Balance to me never existed. I have grown up mostly in the city of Chicago and its nearby surrounding suburbs but something that was a “constant” in my life was the need for change and travel.
I started traveling by myself at the age of 17. I will never forget it and neither will my ex drama teacher! I was new to the drama club but I was all about fitting in until I realized that I was going to be shunning and treated “differently” by all the other drama club students when we all went on a trip to New York city to enjoy the sights and Broadway shows as part of a fun getaway.
I attended Niles North High School and somehow I just never really “fit in”. While other kids were diving into sports or the chess or swim team my only real goal and desire was to walk or take the bus over to the Oakton Street Public Library and kill my time reading metaphysical studies. I had more fun being by myself and reading up on history or the paranormal than I had interacting with teens in my own age group. I guess because I was an only child I just found it more natural to spend most of my spare time with my mother and her adult friends. They certainly were much more interesting and I valued my mother’s friends guidance and life stories far more than I enjoyed being harassed or ignored by my peers.
During the New York city field trip we went to the United Nations and I ended up meeting a wonderful young woman who may have been five years older than me and she asked me questions about my time in New York. There was not much for me to tell her other than I was brand new to the drama club and sadly the group found it unfair that I was somewhat of an intruder since I decided to accept the teacher’s invitation to travel to New York city. I suppose they kids were angry with me because they felt a trip to New York should be “earned” by hard work and I was a newcomer and had not won any major roles in any of the drama club’s school plays. The lady really sympathized with me when I told her I loved New York but I felt like an outcast and I was being teased and alienated from the group. She and I came up with an idea. She said she had a roommate in Brooklyn who was Persian. She said if I was curious she’d make sure I got my flight on time the next day and if I did not mind her roommate Habibe she would love to share a good time with me on my last full day and night in New York just so I could finally enjoy the city.
She and I had some similarities so I grabbed her by the arm and found my drama teacher from the crowd. I gave him a glowing smile and he seemed genuinely pleased and relieved that I had a friend with me. I told him “Juliette” my cousin from Brazil works at the United Nations and I had no clue that I’d bump into her today. I asked if there was any way I could spend my remaining time with my “cousin”. It worked. I was pretty convincing and to be honest my drama teacher kind of figured I was getting worn down from the harassment of being an outcast in a sea of hostile students that really did not want me there. He gave me an affirmative yes and hugged me.
During that instance I started following my heart more. I learned it’s always better to lead from your heart than your head. I fully trusted this complete stranger and she showed me the sights of New York and Brooklyn and most of all introduced me to New York style pizza. I felt so at home with her and when I met her roommate she had a hard time separating the two of us so Habibe and I spent all night talking and I swore I was “falling in love”. Early in the morning Habibe took me with him to grab some breakfast sandwiches at one of his favorite delis in New York and I swear to you everything was so magical and I was sad to leave him so we hugged each other goodbye and I barely missed the drama group. I returned late and found out the kids in my room had packed my luggage for me. I decided to tell the group the truth a few days later when were all safe and sound in Skokie, Illinois. Of course they were outraged probably not at Me but I think they were genuinely upset not with me but with themselves that they never left the group and never left their pack mentality.

When I get homesick for another city there is a reason why. Deep down inside I think we have a yearning to grow and expand. We have to challenge ourselves as humans. I have never regretted a trip nor have regretted failed relationships or experiences in a strange city. I could trace back in time and correct all those mistakes but I would not be the same person today.
I want to ultimately be free. I want to share and expand and nurture and cuddle. I want to excell at what I do but not compromise my need to explore and grow. I am here now in Boston. Do I regret it? Well a part of me is kind of worried and concerned because this has been the very most difficult city for apartment seeking and there are very high standards here with regard to credit score and what you do for a living.
I guess I could kick myself for not having a firm game plan before I even got here but that would have taken some of the fun and thrill out of learning to adapt to my new environment. I have been diligently seeking an apartment since I got here but also setting up sacred space and walking my beautiful dog everywhere from Cambridge to the North End and Beacon Hill. I try not to be “robotic” but even I sometimes fall into the pattern of “routine”. I still miss Chicago greatly because to me Chicago is very “livable”. Chicago is the most walker friendly city in the country along with New York city so yes since I don’t drive a car I have had to take a few taxis here because sometimes I get lost here and get off at the wrong train stop. I think Chicago has a lot to offer but I also have some very sad memories of people I loved that died too early and some of my more favorite clients moving out of the city for other job opportunities. I think I chose Boston because of the sunlight, the opportunities for growth and the diverse group of Europeans cultures that all share the state of Massachusetts. No matter where I walk I see super achievers. I see students walking at a very clipped pace making noises with their heeled shoes urgently trying to get someplace in time. Everyone here seems to have a “purpose” or inner compass or direction. I love the ambition I see. I love the determination and the free style flow that everyone seems to bring to this city. I just wonder to myself are they completely satisfied. Do they hold a key to happiness in their seeming self knowledge or are they burying their emotions and sticking to a “game plan”.
I am here in Boston (for now). I decided that I will be open to the feedback and opinions of others. I will use my voice to the best of my ability so people understand me without being combative. I am open to seeing their city from “their eyes” and maybe I might learn something new or maybe I will uncover pieces of me and reexamine what things I can’t live without and whether or not I can establish a stable tantra yoga practice here and still respect myself and instill trust and not fear.
My best advice to anyone is travel. Go away the work will still be there; your true friends and clients will still be avidly awaiting your return. Go travel, conquer and grow!valentino on a blue chair